Why You Should Have a “Subscriber” Youtube Video


For people who are searching through YouTube and stumble upon your Channel, you want to make it very clear from the start what your channels about… and what better way than a “Subscriber” Video!

The benefits of having a “Subscriber” video is to not only make it obvious that you want people Subscribing to your channel but it will establish what type of content your audience will be expecting if they do decide to Subscribe to you.

For example, we created a video (See Video Below) for one of our Realtor clients. In one of the sections of the video we put “Why Subscribe” and then followed that up with letting people know that they will expect Open Houses, Customer Reviews, Home Tour Videos, etc. We also added “Customer Review” section to help validate the Realtor.

Whether your channels about fashion, automotive or sports, a subscriber video will work for any type of content creator. Having this video be the 1st thing someone see’s will be beneficial. Especially when you’re just starting out your channel and you don’t have an audience yet.

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