The Rarest Pontiac Trans Am in America!

Scott Bullock, a Car Collector and one of our clients has many generations of Autos that you might appreciate…

img_5314Scott Bullock collection of cars dates back to the 1920’s to current models. Not only does Scott have a passion for cars, he has 1 of the Rarest Trans Ams today. A 1972 Trans Am Prototype, which automobile Designer Bill Mitchell created.

We hit the roads of Southern California early morning to film this great looking Trans Am. Not only does it look good, it sounds good. Our video shoot consisted of attaching GoPro cameras to the car to get as close to the action as possible. Once all the GoPro’s were securely strapped in, we left it up to Car Owner, Scott to deliver us some great shots as he races through the road.

After getting all our GoPro footage, we hopped in our truck and had the Trans Ams drive behind us while we film from out the back using our Roland Stabilizer to get the smoothest shots. We also had another crew on the side of the road with a camera slider shooting shots of the car while they accelerate thru the curves.


One of the main reasons we chose this location was its curve roads and scenery. With the suns reflections, we were able to film beautiful shots of the Trans Am rich white pearl paint and the front of the hood Firebird.

This was an fun project and we thank Scott Bullock for letting us film this historic Trans Am. Make sure you check out our VIDEO of this Trans Am Prototype below.


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