Autobahn Adventures Website Design and Development Update, SEO and Social Media Management

Autobahn Adventures did not start out as a European driving tour company. It began as a dream; a once in a lifetime, personalized vacation for founders Mark and Tina Trewartha.

Mark and Tina are highly involved in the Porsche Club of America and when they returned home from their trip they could not stop talking about their incredible experience on the Autobahn. They wrote an article for their local Porsche Club newsletter, and the response was immediate and overwhelming.

Autobahn Adventures Porsche 2010

Mark and Tina wanted to update their website in several areas.

  • Create a refreshed look and feel
  • Create engaging original content and create buzz through social media channels
  • Optimize the website for search engines

Create a refreshed look and fee:

Problem: Mark and Tina had created and managed their own web presence for many years, but it became clear that they needed to not only keep up, but exceed the quality of their competitors.  Their website was starting to show its age, its user interface needed an update.

Solution: Web Video Vision analyzed the current autobahn adventures website, did a competitor analysis and interviewed key stakeholders about features and design aspects.

Autobahn Adventures Logo Before and After

Web Video Vision came to conclude that the website would need a complete design and development redesign.

The first step was to update the website design and update the logo.

Once settled upon, the sitemap was updated to reflect a better user experience.  This allowed for easier access to the photos and information for prospective clients as well as past clients.

Create engaging original content:

Problem:  Autobahn Adventures website’s content was becoming stale.  Aside from a new itinerary for the upcoming tour, the website did not have any significant changes for well over a year.  This is not only less interesting for a viewer, but is also not helpful for ranking well in search engines.  Autobahn Adventures also had a very limited scope of reach with their social media efforts, and had little to no engagement.

Solution:  Web Video Vision setup various points throughout the site that would allow for updating of content with minimal effort.

  1. Photo Gallery – There are nearly a dozen photo galleries on the site, and each is updated via FlickR.  The photo, caption and order are all updated through FlickR allowing Autobahn Adventures the ability to update any gallery on their own.
  2. The Experience – within “The Experience” section of the website are many points that allow for updating.  Each section highlights a different aspect of the past trips that make the overall experience stand out.  The content many times is created by the guests themselves after a tour.  In “The Guests Experience” past guests have written articles about themselves and why they went on the tour, and what they liked about it.
  3. Blog – Adding a blog to the site allowed Autobahn Adventures to post information related, but not only about their tours they host.  Highlighting key automotive news, or changes to the tours are easy with the new blog.
  4. Social Networks – Web Video Vision setup and is managing the Facebook, twitter, customer lobby and YouTube social networks.  Each of these work together to help drive traffic and awareness to Autobahn Adventures.

Optimize the website for search engines:

Problem: Autobahn Adventures’ original website had no optimization efforts, and lacked a consistency that websites need for search engines to rank them well.  Their competitors had began SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns, and Autobahn needed to compete.

Solution:  Autobahn Adventures website was completely redeveloped and redesigned in a search engine optimization content management system.  This system was developed from the ground up for creating websites that rank well from the start.  After optimizing each page, tagging each page and picture and adding some addition landing pages, the site is ranking especially well.   With 12 of the main keyword phrases ranking #1, Autobahn is very happy with their results.


Combining a site redesign, complete redevelopment, site-wide search engine optimization and a social media campaign helped to propel Autobahn Adventures into top rankings on the major search engines in just a matter of weeks.

View Live Site: Autobahn Adventures

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