Norma Torres – Member of the United States Congress Flashback Video

norma_torres_official_portraitHaving climbed up the ranks from being a City Council member to now a United States Congresswoman, see how we helped Norma Torres win her 1st Campaign for City Council of Pomona in 2001.

Web Video Vision helped produce this video campaign along with Norma. Creating a 30 second commercial for her that ran on Television in her District. We chose the locations that would be used as backdrops for her message. For example, one of her campaign issues was to bring Business back to her District. So we filmed abandoned buildings as backdrops to highlight her message. Everything was shot in 1 day and editing completed within a week allowing her to immediately hit the campaign trail with TV exposure.

The campaign was not a walk in a park as she won by just a narrow margin. She was able to beat the incumbent of 20 years! Norma attributes much of her win to this video commercial because it gave her exposure to the voters in her district that had never known or met her before. She won this campaign to become City Council member of Pomona in 2001-2006. and currently is a member of the United States Congress.

We are proud to help the political process regardless of party affiliation through our knowledge and skill of producing videos that connect and produce results.

See Norma’s Website for the latest news and Follow her on Twitter

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