LA Angels Pitcher CJ Wilson at Mecum Auctions


photoday2014cjwilsonToday we attended Mecum Auctions at the Anaheim Convention Center to film a Talking About Cars episode with Host Randy Kerdoon and LA Angels Pitcher CJ Wilson.

For this episode we had CJ Wilson and Randy Kerdoon conduct the interview inside a flawless Bentley. Production wise, we had a 3 camera set up, 1 GoPro on the dashboard and 2 DSLR’s outside the car. Along with wireless clip-on mics for Randy and Wilson.

Episode 83 Trailer

Watch our Episode we produced as CJ Wilson lists his favorite cars he’d like to own, including a “Wacky Ranch Truck”! He also explains how video games got him into having a passion for cars and shares with us what his future interests will be after his Baseball Career…

Full Interview

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