Why You Should Have a “Subscriber” Youtube Video


For people who are searching through YouTube and stumble upon your Channel, you want to make it very clear from the start what your channels about… and what better way than a “Subscriber” Video!

The benefits of having a “Subscriber” video is to not only make it obvious that you want people Subscribing to your channel but it will establish what type of content your audience will be expecting if they do decide to Subscribe to you.

For example, we created a video (See Video Below) for one of our Realtor clients. In one of the sections of the video we put “Why Subscribe” and then followed that up with letting people know that they will expect Open Houses, Customer Reviews, Home Tour Videos, etc. We also added “Customer Review” section to help validate the Realtor.

Whether your channels about fashion, automotive or sports, a subscriber video will work for any type of content creator. Having this video be the 1st thing someone see’s will be beneficial. Especially when you’re just starting out your channel and you don’t have an audience yet.

LA Angels Pitcher CJ Wilson at Mecum Auctions


photoday2014cjwilsonToday we attended Mecum Auctions at the Anaheim Convention Center to film a Talking About Cars episode with Host Randy Kerdoon and LA Angels Pitcher CJ Wilson.

For this episode we had CJ Wilson and Randy Kerdoon conduct the interview inside a flawless Bentley. Production wise, we had a 3 camera set up, 1 GoPro on the dashboard and 2 DSLR’s outside the car. Along with wireless clip-on mics for Randy and Wilson.

Episode 83 Trailer

Watch our Episode we produced as CJ Wilson lists his favorite cars he’d like to own, including a “Wacky Ranch Truck”! He also explains how video games got him into having a passion for cars and shares with us what his future interests will be after his Baseball Career…

Full Interview

Actor Oliver Trevena (JoyRide) Guest joins on Talking About Cars Ep. 81

img_20161109_172104Video Vision on set producing an Episode of Talking About Cars with our guest Oliver Trevena from the Esquire Network Joyride.

Our production team set up our lights and cameras around this vintage Triumph sportscar with a 3 camera set up. 1 GoPro on the mirror for the wide angle view and the other 2 camera’s shooting the Host and Guest.

Watch our Behind the Scenes Video

Watch the Final Product as Oliver shares with us some of his past cars he’s owned and also gives us a list of his favorite rides he’s driven on Joyride and much much more!

Make sure you tune in and watch Joyride on the Esquire Network to watch Oliver and his partners rapper, T-Pain, racecar driver Brian Vickers and actress Mischa Barton hit the road in some of the most incredible new and vintage cars out there!

Also special thanks to Automobile Driving Museum El Segundo, CA.!


LaMarr Woodley & James Torrez from the NFL Network “Tackle My Ride”

Web Video Vision Visits Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA. to produce yet another Talking About Cars Episode with Host, Randy Kerdoon.


On this episode we have Former NFL Pro Bowler LaMarr Woodley & car customizer James Torrez (Demented Customz) who co-host “Tackle My Ride” . We pulled out all of our weapons as we attached 3 GoPros to the interior of this beautiful Lincoln Premiere with a slider camera and  DJI Ronin camera floating around the car.

Watch our Behind the scenes video

Here’s the final video we produced and edited of Talking About Cars Episode 80. Watch as LaMarr Woodley & James Torrez talk about their show that airs Tuesday nights on the NFL Network at 8pm EST called #TackleMyRide. They also chat about their own personal car stories from inside a 1957 Lincoln Premiere at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA.!

Rowland Unified School District “Connections to the Future”

Rowland USD_Logo-1AWeb Video Vision took part in filming Rowland Unified School District Annual “Connections to the Future” Senior Seminar.

At this event, the Seniors at RUSD who are preparing to enter college and the workforce are given the opportunity to network with Industry leaders.

“Connections to the Future” program prepares students with real world experience in 6 different industry pathways. Students complete courses throughout their 4 years and an internship in their field of interest.

The event was a success and it was great to see the effort RUSD has put into helping our young bright students develop skills that will prepare them for whichever Career they choose.

The Rarest Pontiac Trans Am in America!

Scott Bullock, a Car Collector and one of our clients has many generations of Autos that you might appreciate…

img_5314Scott Bullock collection of cars dates back to the 1920’s to current models. Not only does Scott have a passion for cars, he has 1 of the Rarest Trans Ams today. A 1972 Trans Am Prototype, which automobile Designer Bill Mitchell created.

We hit the roads of Southern California early morning to film this great looking Trans Am. Not only does it look good, it sounds good. Our video shoot consisted of attaching GoPro cameras to the car to get as close to the action as possible. Once all the GoPro’s were securely strapped in, we left it up to Car Owner, Scott to deliver us some great shots as he races through the road.

After getting all our GoPro footage, we hopped in our truck and had the Trans Ams drive behind us while we film from out the back using our Roland Stabilizer to get the smoothest shots. We also had another crew on the side of the road with a camera slider shooting shots of the car while they accelerate thru the curves.


One of the main reasons we chose this location was its curve roads and scenery. With the suns reflections, we were able to film beautiful shots of the Trans Am rich white pearl paint and the front of the hood Firebird.

This was an fun project and we thank Scott Bullock for letting us film this historic Trans Am. Make sure you check out our VIDEO of this Trans Am Prototype below.


Web Video Vision Rides Shotgun with Movie Legend, Burt Reynolds!

Web Video Vision rides shotgun with Movie Legend, Burt Reynolds!

We were hired to shoot a video for Burt Reynolds as he helps promote The Bandit Trans Am that was used for Universal Pictures to help promote the movie Smokey & The Bandit at Barrett Jackson Car Auction

Our day started off at Burt Reynolds house. As we first had Reynolds take some photos beside the Trans Am and also captured a couple driving shots of the Trans Am riding down the road with GoPros attached.

img_2821 img_0184_2

We then moved on inside Reynolds house to set up our equipment and developed the script for our professional teleprompter. After that it was Lights, Camera, Action for Mr. Reynolds! And as a true professional, Reynolds knocked out the video in a matter of minutes.

img_0170_2 dsc02516

It was a pleasure meeting a Movie Icon and thank Mr. Reynolds for letting us into his wonderful home. He was also kind enough to sign a couple autographs of his book, which is in stores today!  Go check it out.

The Trans Am ended up selling at the Barrett Jackson auction for a record breaking $500,000!

Autobahn Adventures – Red Carpet Movie Premiere 2013

On May 18, Autobahn Adventures held a special invite only event premiering their Autobahn Adventures Movie created by us at Web Video Vision.  There was a great deal of work creating everything that made the Movie Premiere possible.  If you were one of the unlucky ones that was not invited to the premiere the movie can still be viewed below:

Those who were able to go were able to watch the movie with the owners Mark and Tina.  They also received a promotional DVD that they can experience the Autobahn Adventure over again.  It served as a great marketing tool for their business.  It has all the information they need on the disc, packaging and the video itself.  Here are some images of the promotional DVD:

IMG_6495 IMG_6499

With great success everyone who went had the time of their life.

More of the pictures can be viewed Here.

Web Video Vision has talented designers that will create a professional Video Production, DVD Authoring, and DVD Packaging you’ll love. You describe your exact requirements, the impact you want to make, and a piece of who you are and we will make your design come true. Contact Us Today!

Autobahn Adventures – Video Production and DVD Packaging

Autobahn Adventures is not just about the high performance sports cars, the exquisite hotels and spas, the luxurious comfort, or the breathtaking European cities and countryside. It is so much more than a Luxury European Driving Tour. Autobahn Adventures is about the experience; a life-changing, rejuvenating, journey where you connect with like minded travel and auto enthusiasts. Whether racing down the high speed Autobahn, driving the alpine mountain passes or visiting expansive castles rich with decadence and history – you are living your dream.

To help their clients experience a piece of their Autobahn Adventure we created a video series, DVD Authoring, and DVD Packaging.

Video Production

Each episode was divided into 6 different sections.  Each section containing a different experience titling by The Cars, The Roads, The Hotels, The Dining, The Attractions, and The Guests.  A movie was also created, which contained all experience in one, and a trailer, which was a teaser of the movie.  Here is sample of the trailer below:

Many of the challenges of this part of the project was the editing.  Creating the same feel as the guest felt on the Autobahn Adventure was hard to capture.  But having first hand experience and talented Editors brought these “Experiences” to life.

To view the rest of the Autobahn Adventure videos can be viewed Here.

DVD Authoring

The DVD Authoring design was inspired by the DVD Packaging, Website, and the Video Production.  The biggest challenge on this section of the project was creating the perfect title menu.  At first we used the same design as the trailer video seen from above.  But it did not fit the overall feel of the Autobahn Adventure and felt a bit cheesy.  We then used the DVD Packaging design as seen in the section below but it started to look cluttered.

Keeping in mind that less is more, we removed majority of the design and kept it simple.  We had a menu with just Play button and a Chapter Selection which took the lower 20% of the screen.  The rest of the menu displayed the shortened edited version of the trailer using the same music.  It was then the experience was brought to life.

DVD Packaging

There were many iterations of DVD packaging during the process.  It was not the last step of the project but a continuous step which lasted from the middle of the Video Production to the end of the DVD Authoring.

In each iteration more and more items were needed to be put on the packaging.  It started with a simple DVD sleeve and ended with a Eco Friendly 6 page cardboard DVD container.  Once the final images were finalized we ended up with this:

IMG_6495 IMG_6496 IMG_6497 IMG_6498 IMG_6499 IMG_6500

Web Video Vision has talented designers that will create a professional Video Production, DVD Authoring, and DVD Packaging you’ll love. You describe your exact requirements, the impact you want to make, and a piece of who you are and we will make your design come true. Contact Us Today!

Marketing Chrosziel USA

image001Chrosziel USA origins lie in Germany and specializes in camera equipment for the motion-picture and television market.  They are known for their MatteBoxes, Follow-Focus-Controls and their latest product the CustomCage.  They came to Web Video Vision to help them campaign to their offline and online visitors.

As soon as they signed aboard we had very little time to prepare for the National Association of Broadcaster Show (NAB Show) in Las Vegas that was within two weeks.  We were able to meet that challenge and was able to develop advertisements for their show booth, contests for the Custom Cage, and setup their social media to help their business explode.  Chrosziel USA received a Black Diamond Award for Best of show at NAB Show 2013!

Below are some of pictures of our results and experiences.


Online Banner Advertisement


NAB Show 2013 Business Card


Online Custom Cage Contest Form


NAB Show 2013 Poster

Here are their social media outlets

Chrosziel USA Twitter
Chrosziel USA Facebook
Chrosziel USA Youtube

Web Video Vision has all the marketing services you need.  You describe your exact requirements, the impact you want to make, and a piece of who you are and we will make your vision come true.  Contact Us Today!