Ryan Getzlaf of the Anaheim Ducks Interviewed inside a Porsche


Today we had a great time producing an Episode of Talking About Cars with Anaheim Ducks Captain, Ryan Getzlaf at the Mecum Auctions in Anaheim, CA..

For this interview we had Host of TAC Randy Kerdoon and Ryan Getzlaf talk cars and sports inside a Porsche 911. We had a 3 camera set-up (2 DSLR’s / 1 GoPro) and clip on mics on our subjects for audio.


NHL Player and Captain of the Anaheim DucksRyan Getzlaf joins Randy in a PorscheGT3RS sportscar to talk about the car he took to Prom, the new home he is building…along with a 12 car garage and his business partnership with CNC Motors as well as what cars his NHL Buddies like…oh,and his son pops into the interview to ask Daddy for a….you will have watch to find out.

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Vote No on Prop A – Flashback Campaign Commercial

vote_no_round_sticker-r2501f60d21ad43929c1844eec6a32773_v9wth_8byvr_512The County of San Bernardino needed a commercial to help inform voters about a ballot measure that would have eliminated or reduced city services like fire, police, trash and other important needs.

Web Video Vision wrote the Campaign dialogue that was used in the commercial. We also casted the people that were in the video, who were actual voters or residents of the County. The ballot measure ended up passing by an overwhelming majority due to this video commercial.

We are proud to help the political process regardless of party affiliation though our knowledge and skill of producing video that connect and produce results.


Email: info@WebVideoVision
Phone: 714.335.5004


Norma Torres – Member of the United States Congress Flashback Video

norma_torres_official_portraitHaving climbed up the ranks from being a City Council member to now a United States Congresswoman, see how we helped Norma Torres win her 1st Campaign for City Council of Pomona in 2001.

Web Video Vision helped produce this video campaign along with Norma. Creating a 30 second commercial for her that ran on Television in her District. We chose the locations that would be used as backdrops for her message. For example, one of her campaign issues was to bring Business back to her District. So we filmed abandoned buildings as backdrops to highlight her message. Everything was shot in 1 day and editing completed within a week allowing her to immediately hit the campaign trail with TV exposure.

The campaign was not a walk in a park as she won by just a narrow margin. She was able to beat the incumbent of 20 years! Norma attributes much of her win to this video commercial because it gave her exposure to the voters in her district that had never known or met her before. She won this campaign to become City Council member of Pomona in 2001-2006. and currently is a member of the United States Congress.

We are proud to help the political process regardless of party affiliation through our knowledge and skill of producing videos that connect and produce results.

See Norma’s Website for the latest news and Follow her on Twitter

On Set with Darrell “The Gambler” from the TV Storage Wars!

darrell-sheetsCheck us out! We were on set shooting Behind the Scenes with our long time Client, Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets from the A&E Television Hit Show, Storage Wars!

Darrell wanted to be able to speak directly to his fans, so we brought him to our Green Screen Studio and sat him in front of our teleprompter to record exclusive videos of his store and of all the valuable items he’s won at storage auctions. We also filmed some behind the scenes as Darrell looks through the Storage Units trying to find that “WOW FACTOR”.


It’s official, their will be a Season 10 of Storage Wars and Darrell will be on the show. Make sure to tune in when the season premieres. Stay in the loop and follow Darrell on Facebook & Twitter


Professional Live Skype Meeting to Pakistan

skype-icon-6We conducted an interview with one of our Clients from The United Nations of Pakistan. Due to the Distance of travel instead of having our Client fly here to Los Angeles, we went to Pakistan…Virtually, via Skype!

Web Video Vision has the capabilities to coordinate a Live Professional Virtual Meeting to our clients that may be in another state or in this case, across the world in Pakistan.

With the 12 hour time difference between Pakistan and Los Angeles we were able to work out a schedule that was suitable for both parties. Having our virtual meeting start at 5:30 am our time, 5:30 pm their time.

We made sure to make the process to produce a virtual meeting was easy for our client as we helped train their crew how to set up their internet connection, their HD Camera and we also shipped them additional equipment like a microphone so we could have the best quality possible for our interview. And in our end, we set up our stage in our green screen studio which gives us the abilities to add a virtual background of any kind in post-production, giving the video another element to our production value.

Our Interview ended up being a success. The Client gave us great feedback and was impressed about how we were able to assemble a professional live virtual meeting from Country to Country. With the help of Skype we were able to connect with someone from across the world and not only by voice but a live real-time video meeting to have a more personal connection with somebody.

6 Signs it’s time to hire a social media manager

While even a casual user of Facebook or Twitter can set up an account and post, what about designing a strategy that actually drives traffic and leads? What about managing the customer service aspect? What about maintaining a consistent voice across all channels and using social media to build your brand?

These are areas in which an experienced social media manager can excel. But how do you know if you need someone else to take the reins and guide your business to social media success?

Here are six signs it’s time to stop doing it yourself and start looking for a social media manager.

1. When you’re neglecting revenue-generating activities to manage your social media accounts.

This is perhaps the No. 1 reason business owners finally bite the bullet and hire a social media manager. After setting up and managing their own accounts for some time, they realize the time they’re spending is taking away from revenue-generating activities.

When you can clearly see you’re forfeiting money to manage your accounts, hiring someone becomes an easy decision. For instance, if you value your time at $100/hour, hiring someone for half of that, who is experienced and passionate about social media, is a logical choice.

2. When you don’t have the digital marketing knowledge.

There still seems to be this idea that if you know how to use social media, you must be good at social media management. And if a teen can do it, why can’t you?

Keep in mind that there’s more to the job than posting pictures or tweeting links to your blog. To succeed at social media marketing, a person should have a strong understanding of:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Monitoring for brand mentions
  • Tools and software
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing and advertising (for paid campaigns)
  • Customer service

In addition, a social media manager should have strong writing skills and a keen understanding of how their tasks fit into the marketing strategy, not to mention how social media contributes to the goals of the business as a whole.

3. When you no longer enjoy it.

Authenticity and transparency in social media marketing is more important than ever. People want to know there are real, trustworthy people behind those accounts. If you think of social media as a necessary evil, this is bound to come through in your interactions.

When you find yourself feeling bored, annoyed or resentful at the prospect of interacting with your audience on social media, it’s time to step away and let someone else have a go. Find someone who has a real passion for it, and who can be an authentic advocate for your brand.

4. When you’re too busy to manage and monitor it consistently.

You may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks and responsibilities on your plate. In this case, it can be more difficult to accept that adding someone else to the payroll is a wise move. But consistency in social media marketing is extremely important.

5. When you’re not able to keep up with trends.

Social media is constantly in flux. New platforms, tools and strategies emerge constantly, and it can be difficult for even social media specialists to keep up.

For instance, do you stay on top of industry reports and research? Do you attend social media conferences and workshops? Do you network with other professionals in the field? Probably not. 

This is where social media pros shine. They know what’s changing and what your business should do to keep up.

6. If you don’t know what social media strategy is.

If this phrase “social media strategy” is unfamiliar to you, or you just don’t think a strategy is necessary, it’s time to hire a pro.

I like Jay Baer’s take on it: “Social media has too much opportunity (and too many pits of real-time quicksand) to just blindly jump into the deep end of the pool … You need to know how and why you’re getting involved with social media so that you can rightsize your resources, relationships, and expectations.”

An experienced social media manager will understand the importance of strategy and know how to create one that contributes to your bottom line. They’ll understand the ins and outs of marketing funnels, how to choose the right platforms and how to use social media in a way that aligns with your overall business goals. A social media manager can ensure you’re using social media intentionally, in a way that protects and builds your brand. Keep in mind that a half-baked strategy can be just as bad as no strategy at all.

Author John Rampton

The Power of Facebook Contests

Power of contestsDiane Merassa After Contest

Web Video Vision recently produced a $100 give away for one of our clients, and the results were astonishing! This Irvine based realtor jumped from only 95 Facebook ‘Likes’ to nearly 900 Likes in less than a month! And traffic to her site is at an all time high! Just take a look at her Facebook statistics and it is easy to see how powerful Facebook engagement can be.

To find out how Web Video Vision can help you produce a Facebook contest of your own, contact us today!

Common Mistakes in Facebook Marketing

With social media on the rise, more and more small businesses are seeking to establish a Facebook presence. Let’s face it, creating a Facebook page for your business is both simple to do and free. But is that really all there is to it? Absolutely not. In fact the work doesn’t begin until you actually get the page online. That said, many people neglect to keep their pages updated, or simply don’t understand what it takes to establish an effective social media presence. This article will highlight 5 of the most common mistakes made by small businesses and their Facebook pages.

#1 Failing to understand the Facebook tools and back-end

The first thing potential subscribers [or ‘likers’ as Facebook would call them] will see when they visit your page is the profile and cover image. Though I can not tell you how many times I have seen pages with stretched, skewed, or improperly aligned images. This is how your entire page is branded, yet is commonly completely overlooked.

#2 Not producing engaging content/ Using too much automation

The moment a user finds your posts boring or predictable, they will hide your page from their news feed. many businesses make the mistake of auto-publishing from many different sites or blogs they might own, but Facebook places low priority on auto-published content and your users will realize the lack of effort you are putting in.

#3 Violating Facebook’s Terms

Many businesses overlook Facebook’s strict set of rules, causing them to lose their presence all together. The most common mistake is creating a personal page rather than a business page, which is a fast track to getting banned. Others will ignore the terms and conditions of running a contest on Facebook which will also get you in to trouble real quick.

#4 Ignoring your page

It is of utmost importance to pay attention to your page, and invest adequate time engaging your users. Fans are looking for a reason to connect with you, and they’re showing you that by clicking ‘Like’. Your job is to give them a reason to stay.


#5 Broadcasting

Perhaps the biggest challenge for businesses emerging into the social media world is spending too much time marketing their product and not enough time evoking conversation. People do not come to Facebook to get sold on a product, they come to hang out and have fun…anything else is just a bonus. Always become a friend first, then sell. A good rule of thumb is 80% conversation, 20% sales.

Web Video Vision has a wide range of social media bundles for any scope and budget. Contact us today to find out how we can assist in making your social media effort as effective as possible.



How to use #hashtags for your business!


One of the key areas of social media management  that escapes many people is the proper use of twitter hashtags. For those who do not know what a hash tag is…it is the number sign (#) appended to a phrase in order to serve several functions when posting on social media outlets such as twitter.

One of the reasons that hash tags are so important to your social media effort are the search benefits that come from proper tagging. Twitter indexes hash tags for their search function so when a user performs a search for a keyword your properly tagged tweet is much more likely to show up as a result. For example, Web Video Vision could tweet “Ask us about our awesome video production services too! #getthewordout”.

Many inexperienced social media users make the mistake of over complicating or weighing down their tweets with hash tags. Web Video Vision is an  expert at social media posting, especially for businesses and marketing. Contact us today to find out more!