Autobahn Adventures – Red Carpet Movie Premiere 2013

On May 18, Autobahn Adventures held a special invite only event premiering their Autobahn Adventures Movie created by us at Web Video Vision.  There was a great deal of work creating everything that made the Movie Premiere possible.  If you were one of the unlucky ones that was not invited to the premiere the movie can still be viewed below:

Those who were able to go were able to watch the movie with the owners Mark and Tina.  They also received a promotional DVD that they can experience the Autobahn Adventure over again.  It served as a great marketing tool for their business.  It has all the information they need on the disc, packaging and the video itself.  Here are some images of the promotional DVD:

IMG_6495 IMG_6499

With great success everyone who went had the time of their life.

More of the pictures can be viewed Here.

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Autobahn Adventures – Video Production and DVD Packaging

Autobahn Adventures is not just about the high performance sports cars, the exquisite hotels and spas, the luxurious comfort, or the breathtaking European cities and countryside. It is so much more than a Luxury European Driving Tour. Autobahn Adventures is about the experience; a life-changing, rejuvenating, journey where you connect with like minded travel and auto enthusiasts. Whether racing down the high speed Autobahn, driving the alpine mountain passes or visiting expansive castles rich with decadence and history – you are living your dream.

To help their clients experience a piece of their Autobahn Adventure we created a video series, DVD Authoring, and DVD Packaging.

Video Production

Each episode was divided into 6 different sections.  Each section containing a different experience titling by The Cars, The Roads, The Hotels, The Dining, The Attractions, and The Guests.  A movie was also created, which contained all experience in one, and a trailer, which was a teaser of the movie.  Here is sample of the trailer below:

Many of the challenges of this part of the project was the editing.  Creating the same feel as the guest felt on the Autobahn Adventure was hard to capture.  But having first hand experience and talented Editors brought these “Experiences” to life.

To view the rest of the Autobahn Adventure videos can be viewed Here.

DVD Authoring

The DVD Authoring design was inspired by the DVD Packaging, Website, and the Video Production.  The biggest challenge on this section of the project was creating the perfect title menu.  At first we used the same design as the trailer video seen from above.  But it did not fit the overall feel of the Autobahn Adventure and felt a bit cheesy.  We then used the DVD Packaging design as seen in the section below but it started to look cluttered.

Keeping in mind that less is more, we removed majority of the design and kept it simple.  We had a menu with just Play button and a Chapter Selection which took the lower 20% of the screen.  The rest of the menu displayed the shortened edited version of the trailer using the same music.  It was then the experience was brought to life.

DVD Packaging

There were many iterations of DVD packaging during the process.  It was not the last step of the project but a continuous step which lasted from the middle of the Video Production to the end of the DVD Authoring.

In each iteration more and more items were needed to be put on the packaging.  It started with a simple DVD sleeve and ended with a Eco Friendly 6 page cardboard DVD container.  Once the final images were finalized we ended up with this:

IMG_6495 IMG_6496 IMG_6497 IMG_6498 IMG_6499 IMG_6500

Web Video Vision has talented designers that will create a professional Video Production, DVD Authoring, and DVD Packaging you’ll love. You describe your exact requirements, the impact you want to make, and a piece of who you are and we will make your design come true. Contact Us Today!

Creating a Effective Social Media Calendar

If you’re serious about using social media for marketing, branding or anything to do with promoting your business, you should use a social media editorial calendar. But how do you decide when to publish, what to publish and how often to publish to get the best ROI? If you understand when to engage with your audience and how to combine traditional marketing with social media, you’re two steps ahead of most businesses. But these four tips by Anton Koekemoer of memeburn, including aligning your objectives and knowing when to engage your audience, will boost your efforts even more.

One of the fastest ways to build a successful business is to systemize it. That means taking the things you do on a regular basis and creating a system that allows you to do that thing, or things, efficiently and easily. It may be a pain at first to sit down and create an editorial calendar so you know what to blog about, and when to post and how to use your social media to drive traffic to your website, but it’s so worth it. You’re better off spending a couple hours or even a few days setting up an editorial calendar than racing around like a chicken with its head cut off at the last minute. Don’t be scrambling for content that has no relevance and that’s not driving your brand or engaging your customers just to throw something up on your site. Plan it.

Don’t have time to engage in Social Media?  Let Web Video Vision Help!  Web Video Vision has talented marketers that will create a engaging Social Media to boost your business. You describe your exact requirements, the impact you want to make, and a piece of who you are and we will make your Vision come true. Contact Us Today!


Global Citizenship Logo Design

Pervaiz Lodhie, owner of LEDtronics, has always brought positive to the world and is always committed to aligning his business goals with the impacts on the society and the planet.  His new project, Global Citizenship, needed a new logo to signify what he is here to do.With the help of Web Video Vision and the vision of Mr Lodhie, we were able to design the perfect logo to represent Global Citizenship.

One of Mr. Lodhie’s projects with Global Citizenship is Barefoot Basketball which is a charitable event where he donates Basketball Courts to Pakistan.  Similar to parks, it gives children and families to get together for activities.  Some of the basketball courts are well lit with LEDtronics LED lighting which allows families to have night time activities.  Using this inspiration were able to design two concepts.



The first design was crisp and clear, but was empty at the center. The second design had the fullness of what was missing in the center but the font lacked the impact.  We experimented and combined the two logos and resulted with this…


The graphic was too bold and didn’t match the people in the font.  We changed the color of results  to match but couldn’t help to return to the original crisp and clear design.  We ended up coloring the people in the first design and we couldn’t decide between the optimized first design or our latest design so we held a poll on Facebook to ask the users what they think.


After the poll, it was decided that “A” was the best choice that met with Mr. Lodhie’s vision.  Here is the final.



Web Video Vision has talented designers that will create a professional logo you’ll love.  You describe your exact logo requirements, the impact you want to make, and a piece of who you are and we will make your Logo come true.  Contact Us Today!

Greg Lizotte Designs

Launch Website

Greg Lizotte was looking for a website to showcase his craftsmanship.

He wanted an easy to navigate website that showcased his multiple abilities as a woodworker. This was accomplished by having a mostly HTML website with flash animation to display multiple projects from each page. His website includes a contact form so he can more effectively communicate with prospective clients. Continue reading

NAB Show 2010

For 23 years our President, Julian White has been attending the National Association of Broadcasters show, also known as NAB in Las Vegas, Nevada. NAB brings together creative and technical people with vendors across the world! This year our team attended NAB to have face to face meetings with vendors to learn about the latest technology so that we, in turn can offer it to our clients. Continue reading