Search Engine Optimization Works

We hear it all of the time, the website should be enough.  When your competitors are optimizing their sites for search engines, you need to.  Or you risk losing valuable traffic.

Our client, Diane Merassa, had us build her a website in 2009.  This site was built on a content management system that allowed her team to maintain the site.  For two years it worked well for her, but because of changes in the market, she needed to re-position it.

Diane came to us wanting to rank for short sale homes in Irvine.  This market is extremely competitive.  We did a complete back-end redesign of the website.  Nearly no difference is visible to the end user, but the code has been completely redone.  We did a complete Search engine optimization (SEO), along with a social media marketing campaign. Combining all of these together, Diane is seeing amazing results.

Diane now ranks for 40+ keywords on page 1 or 2 on Google.  She is on page 2 for “Irvine short sale”, and each month it is rising.  Within the first 2 months, she has already closed two additional deals that she can directly attribute to the updated website.

We’re glad to have Diane as a client, and look forward to seeing her continued success with her updated website!

Should My Offline Business Be Online Too?

A recent article from the American Express Open Forum discussed how you not only need to be online, but need to be tapped into the various social networks.

Decades ago, the question many business owners asked was whether they needed a website.  Now, it’s no longer a question, but a necessity.  The new question is – do I need to be on social networks?  It can be a costly mistake to not promote yourself through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even blogging.

As users are moving away from their home computers, and turning more and more toward their mobile devices, it is even more important to be in tune with social media.  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging all are important parts of  “Web 2.0” marketing.  Each with their own mobile apps, and constant notifications and updates.  Your customers or clients are making a fundamental shift with how they communicate with you, and it’s time for you to follow suit.  According to John Lawson, it is important to develop:

  • An online persona
  • A personal/business brand
  • An online presence
  • Web recognition
  • An online marketing plan that will result in increased profit margin, which is more important of all
Bundling your social media services together, creating a marketing strategy and then executing that strategy consistently is the best plan for success on social network marketing.

Have questions?  Contact us for more information!

Incorporating Video into Your Business Website

It is becoming common knowledge the importance of video on the internet, and as part of your marketing campaign.  Below are 11 examples of where video can be used to help grow your user base and your business.

  1. Promote your newsletter
  2. Better engagement on your blog
  3. Create a dedicated video page
  4. Add video to your about page
  5. Sell more on your sales pages
  6. Excite on your product pages
  7. Master the YouTube stream
  8. Stream live for more interaction with fans and customers
  9. Brighten up your digital products
  10. Add some magic to your support area
  11. Cut down on training time for new employees

See the full article on American Express OPEN Forum

Autobahn Adventures Website Design and Development Update, SEO and Social Media Management

Autobahn Adventures did not start out as a European driving tour company. It began as a dream; a once in a lifetime, personalized vacation for founders Mark and Tina Trewartha.

Mark and Tina are highly involved in the Porsche Club of America and when they returned home from their trip they could not stop talking about their incredible experience on the Autobahn. They wrote an article for their local Porsche Club newsletter, and the response was immediate and overwhelming.

Autobahn Adventures Porsche 2010

Mark and Tina wanted to update their website in several areas.

  • Create a refreshed look and feel
  • Create engaging original content and create buzz through social media channels
  • Optimize the website for search engines

Create a refreshed look and fee:

Problem: Mark and Tina had created and managed their own web presence for many years, but it became clear that they needed to not only keep up, but exceed the quality of their competitors.  Their website was starting to show its age, its user interface needed an update.

Solution: Web Video Vision analyzed the current autobahn adventures website, did a competitor analysis and interviewed key stakeholders about features and design aspects.

Autobahn Adventures Logo Before and After

Web Video Vision came to conclude that the website would need a complete design and development redesign.

The first step was to update the website design and update the logo.

Once settled upon, the sitemap was updated to reflect a better user experience.  This allowed for easier access to the photos and information for prospective clients as well as past clients.

Create engaging original content:

Problem:  Autobahn Adventures website’s content was becoming stale.  Aside from a new itinerary for the upcoming tour, the website did not have any significant changes for well over a year.  This is not only less interesting for a viewer, but is also not helpful for ranking well in search engines.  Autobahn Adventures also had a very limited scope of reach with their social media efforts, and had little to no engagement.

Solution:  Web Video Vision setup various points throughout the site that would allow for updating of content with minimal effort.

  1. Photo Gallery – There are nearly a dozen photo galleries on the site, and each is updated via FlickR.  The photo, caption and order are all updated through FlickR allowing Autobahn Adventures the ability to update any gallery on their own.
  2. The Experience – within “The Experience” section of the website are many points that allow for updating.  Each section highlights a different aspect of the past trips that make the overall experience stand out.  The content many times is created by the guests themselves after a tour.  In “The Guests Experience” past guests have written articles about themselves and why they went on the tour, and what they liked about it.
  3. Blog – Adding a blog to the site allowed Autobahn Adventures to post information related, but not only about their tours they host.  Highlighting key automotive news, or changes to the tours are easy with the new blog.
  4. Social Networks – Web Video Vision setup and is managing the Facebook, twitter, customer lobby and YouTube social networks.  Each of these work together to help drive traffic and awareness to Autobahn Adventures.

Optimize the website for search engines:

Problem: Autobahn Adventures’ original website had no optimization efforts, and lacked a consistency that websites need for search engines to rank them well.  Their competitors had began SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns, and Autobahn needed to compete.

Solution:  Autobahn Adventures website was completely redeveloped and redesigned in a search engine optimization content management system.  This system was developed from the ground up for creating websites that rank well from the start.  After optimizing each page, tagging each page and picture and adding some addition landing pages, the site is ranking especially well.   With 12 of the main keyword phrases ranking #1, Autobahn is very happy with their results.


Combining a site redesign, complete redevelopment, site-wide search engine optimization and a social media campaign helped to propel Autobahn Adventures into top rankings on the major search engines in just a matter of weeks.

View Live Site: Autobahn Adventures

Diane Merassa SEO, Social Media and site refresh

Web Video Vision created Diane Merassa’s Real Estate presence nearly 2 years ago. Back in 2009 when we originally created the site, we wanted to make sure that it was easy for her team to manage.  At the time she had no social media presence.

Over the last two years, her competition has grown considerably, the market has become more difficult and the bar has been set higher for websites and for marketing.

She came to us to:

  • Refresh her website
  • Add a social media component
  • Optimize her site for search engines

Refresh her website:

Problem: The design of still looked fine, it simply need some minor updates. Over the years of adding listings, there was a loss in consistency and the information could be laid out in a more intuitive way.

Resolution: We made some minor changes to the underlying system that made rendering across all browsers consistent.  We also added a tab navigation system to the listing to allow more information to be viewed with less scrolling.  The important information was moved to the top of the page and in an more user friendly typography.

Add a social Media component:

Problem: Diane had no social media presence two years ago, and only had a personal facebook page where she promoted her homes for sale.

Resolution: Web Video Vision created a YouTube, Facebook and Blog page.  Each page was custom designed to compliment Diane’s branding, and consistent messaging was used throughout.  Part of Diane’s social media strategy is to utilize YouTube videos for each of her client’s listings.  Web Video Vision created a thirty second to one minute video for each home, posts it to YouTube, tags it and also embeds it on her listing page of her website.

Optimize her site for search engines:

Problem: Diane knew that in the competitive marketplace, she needed to be found ahead of her competitors.

Resolution: She enlisted Web Video Vision to assist in getting her website quickly found on popular search engines.  Web Video Vision optimized each page and listing, and also added additional pages to help in the ranking of her website.  Web Video Vision also updated the code to be more search engine friendly.


Overall Diane’s site may look very similar to the end user, but the subtle changes made to the user experience as well as the code and SEO updates will make the site very competitive in the real estate marketplace.

Islander Pools Website, Logo and Social Media Launch

Islander Pools came to us with three main objectives when updating their website:

  1. Represent the quality of their company better
  2. Be more flexible for Islander Pools updating their photo galleries
  3. Be more search engine friendly and rank higher in Google for specific keyword phrases

We began by assessing Islander Pools’ current site and updating its sitemap and layout.

  • The links on the site were graphics and not text
  • The code used to build the original site was not search engine friendly
  • The gallery was not mobile or tablet friendly and was difficult to navigate
  • The overall color scheme needed an update
  • The logo was dated

How we represent the quality of their company:

We redesigned the logo:

We kept many of the same cues from the original logo, but updated it and made it look much more professional.  Once we finalized the logo, we redesigned the website.

On the homepage we made the header “hero” images that depict the various levels of custom pools that Islander Pools designs.

Quick links to the different galleries are above the fold along with quick access to newly redesigned social media sites and blog.

How we made the galleries more flexible for updating:

Each gallery page is driven by FlickR.  All adjustments to the order, description and size of the images is fully driven by FlickR’s API.  Islander Pools can make adjustments at any time and the results are immediate on the website.  A simple 15 minute training session and they were making updates to the gallery section that they never had the ability to before.

How we made the site more search engine friendly:

As their original website was created nearly a decade ago, it didn’t employ even the basics of a search engine optimized site.  We re-developed the site from the ground up – using XHTML Strict and CSS 2.

Our in-house copywriter completely re-wrote the content of the site through research and various interviews with staff and previous customers.  The content itself was optimized for search engines.

The site’s updated structure was developed to find the Islander Pools website with the most common search keywords for the custom pool builder industry.  We also created extra landing pages for some of the long-tail searches that are part of Islander Pools’ niche market.
Within one month, the majority of the keyword phrases that Islander Pools had wanted to rank for are now the first page of Google.  Utilizing Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, we have since refined some of the keywords and updated Islander Pools’ Places page for even better local search results.

View the Islander Pools live site.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Power Turbine has retained Web Video Vision to update their website

Power Turbine Before

Power Turbine has retained Web Video Vision to update their website.

Their website was built almost 7 years ago, and doesn’t represent their brand or the quality services and products they supply.

Power Turbine first found Web Video Vision in Forbes Magazine where we were listed as a “leading Web Designers of the Western United States for 2009”.

After the initial conversations, Power Turbine decided that they wanted not only a new website, but also to include video as well.  Just another reason that Web Video Vision was chosen.

We are very excited to build this site, and will post an update when the new site launches!

Web Video Vision to the Rescue

For nearly a decade, Ed Gillow has been a spokesperson and personal friend of Web Video Vision. His great delivery, honest nature and sincerity have come through to make our clients look their very best on video.

It was disheartening to hear a week ago that his website was not working. In nearly a panic Ed sent an email to Julian at Web Video Vision to see if their was anything we could do to help. Our team worked together to find out what was wrong.

It seemed the site had been down for over a week and the previous webmaster couldn’t be found. With a little research and a few emails, we were able to track down the files to the website.

At 10:00am, Ed called us about his site, and by 2:00pm the same day, Ed’s site was safely hosted on our servers. His site was rescued by the diligent efforts of the Web Video Vision team.

We go above and beyond for our clients and for the people we work with. Ed is a valued asset to our organization, and we are so happy we could help him.

Whew, what a relief! I went to hopeless to happy within 4 hours! The people at WebVideo Vision are the best…. they didn’t have to go to the lengths they did, but they did & I am really glad they did. Talk about customer service!
– Ed Gillow

You can read his recount of the story in his testimonial he wrote for us.

You can also see his reel on our talent section of Web Video Vision’s website. Be sure to visit his site, and keep him in mind for any work where you need a professional, honest actor to represent you.

Restroom Ecommerce site launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the Ecommerce website.

Mike, the president of Restroom PLUS, came to us with the story that we are very familiar with. He got someone to create a website and they didn’t complete it. They seem to be overpaying and getting no results.

After being “burned” by the other company, Mike reached out to Web Video Vision known for our dependability, having won most dependable web designers two years in a row by Goldline Research, to help him fix the unfinished website. We met with Mike face to face and realized the best solution was an Ecommerce website.

Restroom PLUS never had a website before, so that required a website that was search engine friendly. For that reason we chose the Rightway Gate Searchfit Ecommerce Solution. IT proved to be a fast implementation, with minimal work for Restroom PLUS. Mike and the Web Video Vision team put together an excel spreadsheet and we had the site running in 4 weeks.

We have high expectations for RestroomPLUS. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Thanks for the good work on our website“- Mike (

The Drucker School Video Magazine Volume 10 Launches!

The latest edition of the Drucker School Video Magazine Launched!

The magazine which is shot entirely in HD, is also available on iTunes and on YouTube and is marketed to over 10,000 people each launch.

Click Here to watch

Ever wondered… how attending The Drucker School can influence your future?  Find out: what was Peter Drucker’s take on long-term vs. short-term planning. How intuition comes into play in a finance course. What the Executive in Residence Program is and what exciting news Dean Ira has tucked up his sleeve –