Actor Oliver Trevena (JoyRide) Guest joins on Talking About Cars Ep. 81

img_20161109_172104Video Vision on set producing an Episode of Talking About Cars with our guest Oliver Trevena from the Esquire Network Joyride.

Our production team set up our lights and cameras around this vintage Triumph sportscar with a 3 camera set up. 1 GoPro on the mirror for the wide angle view and the other 2 camera’s shooting the Host and Guest.

Watch our Behind the Scenes Video

Watch the Final Product as Oliver shares with us some of his past cars he’s owned and also gives us a list of his favorite rides he’s driven on Joyride and much much more!

Make sure you tune in and watch Joyride on the Esquire Network to watch Oliver and his partners rapper, T-Pain, racecar driver Brian Vickers and actress Mischa Barton hit the road in some of the most incredible new and vintage cars out there!

Also special thanks to Automobile Driving Museum El Segundo, CA.!


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