Importance of an Animated Logo

Rowland USD_Logo-1AAdding animation to your logo can not only make you stand out but it’ll leave your viewers with a more memorable time watching your videos.

We have a prime example of that with our animated logo we created for Rowland Unified School District. As you watch our video below you will see a side by side comparison of Rowland’s static logo compared to their animated logo. Immediately, your eyes are glued to the animated logo as it’s engaging and with all the motion it holds your attention longer then a static logo would.

Animation can simply enhance your company’s image and boost sharing.  So those of you who are still using static logo openers, make sure you add animation to it to leave a long-lasting impact on your audience!

Rowland Unified School District – 1st Annual State of the Schools Breakfast

Rowland USD_Logo-1AThis Morning we attended Rowland Unified School District’s 1st Annual State of the Schools Breakfast.

Over the course of the presentation they addressed matters such as how technology over the past decade and beyond has slowly made its way into the classrooms with things such as Laptops, iPads and even 3D Printers! And also how The District is preparing students for life after High School with programs such as Project Lead the Way, where students are introduced to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at an early age to allow them to grow with confidence and interest in these areas.


All of this followed by our movie we created for RUSD which covered all the significant impacts the District is having on not only the students and their learning but as well as the community. It was an awesome experience working with RUSD and to see our video displayed to everyone was very satisfying. We look forward to working with Rowland Unified School District in the Future.