Behind The Scenes with Randy Kerdoon

0319bb9With Celebrity Guests ranging from Jay Leno, Richard Rawlings and Deion Sanders to name a few, Talking About Cars has grown to be one of the most popular podcasts amongst Car Fans. Host of the Podcast and Radio Broadcaster for KNX1070, Randy Kerdoon visited our office today to turn his already popular Talking About Cars (TAC) Audio Podcast into Video!


Web Video Vision teamed up with Randy Kerdoon to help make the podcast even better by adding video to the podcast. Creating Intro’s/Outro’s for Randy and adding graphics to make the podcast more appealing for the viewers. Also recording Randy in our Green Screen Studio will give us the flexibility to move him around or add any text/photos next to him if need be.

Making the switch from an audio podcast to a Video Podcast will much improve the Show. It will make the overall content more enjoyable for your audience, potentially boosting video sharing creating traffic to your video.

We had a great time with Randy and his Wife, Marta in the studio and look forward to creating more shows with them. Make sure you follow Talking About Cars on Youtube and Randy Kerdoon on Twitter to keep up to date.

Randy Kerdoon Twitter

Talking About Cars: Youtube