Get into the Social Media Game!

Many small-business owners have embraced social media platforms as one of their main forms of networking, quickly replacing their traditional offline networking models. Studies show small businesses are dedicating time and resources to social platforms—nearly seven in 10 will spend more than half their networking time on these sites in the year ahead. Still, a majority of small businesses are still in the experimental phase. These businesses need to better understand how to use these tools to drive business and connect with new customers to remain competitive.

Here are three tips for finally mastering social media.

1. Go where your customers are. That means expanding your presence across platforms. Start by ensuring the right information is listed about your company. Services such as Google Places and Yelp may list information about your business, whether you’ve created a profile or not—it’s up to you, as the small-business owner, to ensure your company’s logo, messages and links are up-to-date and reflective of your brand. Claim all the profiles that mention your business, and be consistent across networks.

2. Engagement is key. Social media platforms deliver on the promise of true one-to-one marketing, but only if you use it that way. Listen to your community—customers disclose a lot of information about themselves and their needs on social media sites, so small businesses have the opportunity to collect valuable insights that can improve services, maximize marketing strategies and ultimately help you sell more. Interaction is crucial for continuing engagement with your customers. Take the time to reply to questions, jump in on conversations and solicit feedback on sites where your customers are.

3. Choose carefully and follow through. Remember that to realize the ROI of social media, you must pick the right platform (or two) that’s most effective for your company, and put in the time. Consistency is critical—it is not a weekly or even daily project. It’s an ongoing, realtime conversation.

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Consistent Branding Marketing Material for LEDtronics

LEDtronics was founded In 1983 by Pervaiz Lodhie and his wife Almas in their home in Torrance, CA. Mr. Lodhie is a third generation engineer who was born in India and raised in Pakistan. He was driven to the US by his entrepreneurial spirit and innovative nature.

To help educate his customers and the world, we helped Mr. Lodhie create a “Did You Know?” Video Series.  The series consisted of 12 Episodes where each episode was release for each month of the year.  There were three steps when approaching this project which were Video Production, DVD Authoring, and DVD Packaging.

Video Production

Each episode contains highly enhanced edited video containing information about everything there is about LEDtronics that our visionary editors created.  They were labeled according to their relevance.  Below is a sample of one of the videos.

As seen from above, when embedded motion graphics, a professional speaker and used music to help enhance the experience.  The results of the videos became informative, concise, approachable and professional.

The complete “Did You Know” Video series can be viewed here.

DVD Authoring

DVD authoring is the process of creating a DVD video capable of playing on a DVD Player.  Web Video Vision professionally produced the DVD containing all the episodes of “Did You Know?” and allowed the user to easily navigate through chapters, skip to the next chapter, and play all episodes one after another.

The challenges when it came to authoring was producing it to be played in all DVD Player devices.  A series a test were completed to verify that the DVD would play on a DVD Player, Computer, and Video Game Consoles.  Another test was compiled for user navigation, to verify that the controls did as they intended.

The branding of the DVD was designed by our professional graphics designer and designed a consistent branding from the videos.  In addition to the episodes, there was an introduction motion graphic video that played before reaching the title menu.  The introduction video contained the same green swooshes from the episodes as did as the other navigational menus.

To receive a sample of the DVD, make sure to contact LEDtronics or visit them at their convention shows.

DVD Packaging

To hold the episodes in a DVD we needed packaging for the DVD Disc and the Jacket. The inspirations for our design came directly from the motion graphics from the episodes.  The front used the same styling as the introductory video and the back used the same design as the DVD chapter menu.

Some of the challenges of designing a DVD packaging is the requirements. Our client wanted to have a large amount if information on the tiny Disc Jacket. The information included their logo, contact information, track list, sponsors, room for mailing label and a visionary attractive design. Using the graphics and fonts from the Video Series we created this for the DVD Jacket:


The requirements for the DVD itself was not as large as the Jacket. The important things to include on the Disc was the Title, Logo, Contact Information, and using the same branding. Here is the result of the disc:


Enthusiastic with the results, we sent it to our printer and he came back with this:


The packaging becomes a great marketing tool.  When LEDtronics are at trade shows or convention shows, not only can they refer them to their website to view the “Did You Know?” Video series, they have something tangible to inform their clients with.  The packaging is also optimized for mailing and a DVD can be sent directly to their clients if they were not able to attend the show.  The consistent branding proved powerful, professional and was well received with Mr. Lodhie.

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Marketing Chrosziel USA

image001Chrosziel USA origins lie in Germany and specializes in camera equipment for the motion-picture and television market.  They are known for their MatteBoxes, Follow-Focus-Controls and their latest product the CustomCage.  They came to Web Video Vision to help them campaign to their offline and online visitors.

As soon as they signed aboard we had very little time to prepare for the National Association of Broadcaster Show (NAB Show) in Las Vegas that was within two weeks.  We were able to meet that challenge and was able to develop advertisements for their show booth, contests for the Custom Cage, and setup their social media to help their business explode.  Chrosziel USA received a Black Diamond Award for Best of show at NAB Show 2013!

Below are some of pictures of our results and experiences.


Online Banner Advertisement


NAB Show 2013 Business Card


Online Custom Cage Contest Form


NAB Show 2013 Poster

Here are their social media outlets

Chrosziel USA Twitter
Chrosziel USA Facebook
Chrosziel USA Youtube

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7 Things That Customers Want But Do Not Want To Tell You

Did you know that your customers lie to you constantly? It’s not to hurt your feelings, but usually to protect your feelings and avoid confrontation. When you ask how things are, they say, “Good! Good!” Then one day, totally out of the blue, they fire you.

The customer didn’t tell you in so many words there was a problem, but if you had paid attention, you would have seen the warning signs. Here are the 7 things customers want you to do, but will never, ever tell you about.

1. You (and your team’s) looks matter. I know, looks shouldn’t matter, but they do. When a client interacts with you, they want clean, well put together people who are pleasant, positive and professional. If your office doesn’t have a dress code, perhaps it’s time to lay down a few ground rules, but be sure to keep it in line with your company’s culture.

2. Prove to me you want our business. When you go to pitch that big prospect, are your first words to them, “Tell me about your business?” If so, you just offended them because you didn’t make the effort to learn about them. They won’t tell you that. They simply won’t hire you. Go in with all the research under your belt before you start talking. Then tell them what you know about them, and ask them to correct you where you may be wrong (which you won’t be, because you did the research).

3. You’re making things too complex. As you explain what you do (or are doing, or are going to do) for a client, keep it simple and stick to the basics. Remember, they hired you to take on a project or take care of a problem; and many don’t want to know the itty-bitty details. Keep it simple. Don’t confuse your client.

4. I want you there 24/7. Clients and customers like the idea that you’re there for them whenever they need it, in an emergency, even if it’s because of their lack of planning.

5. I want to only deal with you. Clients know that presidents and CEOs have the firepower to get stuff done, and they want to deal only with you. Try to be consistent with your interaction with your clients across the board: They definitely don’t want to feel like you’re passing them off to an underling in favor of a more important client.

6. A token of appreciation would be nice. Thank you gifts can go along way to showing a client you care about them, and that you appreciate their business. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top expensive; a thoughtful gift goes a long way.

7. Impress me! Who hasn’t heard “we don’t have a budget”? The truth is, they do have the money—they just prefer allocating it to something else. Give them a reason to spend their money on you.

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Our Client Schneider Optics has won an Emmy for Optic Technology!

SPIE Corporate Member Schneider Optics was awarded the 2012 Technical/Engineering Achievement Award by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) during the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January.

Schneider was among those honored innovations that have materially affected the way the audience views television and set the standard for technological excellence, the NATAS announcement said.

SPIE Senior Member and Vice President of Schneider Stuart Singer (at right) is one of three engineers who developed the award-winning technology, an Infrared plus Neutral Density (IRND) filter for digital motion picture cameras. The optical filter limits the light striking the camera’s imaging device to the visible spectrum, eliminating unwanted false colors that result from near-infrared light leakage.

Schneider, the US subsidiary of Joseph Schneider Optische Werke GmbH, has exhibited at several SPIE events including SPIE Photonics West meeting in February and the upcoming SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing in April.

As Technical Director, Singer oversaw all phases of lens development for applications including industrial and consumer optics, film and digital projection, and filters for motion picture and television industries.

emmyJulian White holds the Emmy with Ron Ayers as we are proud to be working with Schneider Optics.  If you happen to be in the Las Vegas area, you can catch them at the NAB Show 2013 at Booth C9305 between April 8 – 11. Contact Us Today on how we can help you achieve greatness!

Read the NATAS release for more information.


Get Customers to Remember Your Brand with the Five Senses!

When creating a marketing campaign, most entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time figuring out what that campaign will look like—but rarely ask themselves how that campaign will be experienced. When people experience something for the first time, they use all the senses available to them to create a memory. This is why we often associate the holidays with our sense of smell or have a stronger emotional connection to a movie when the soundtrack sets the tone.

The more senses your audience can use to create a memory of your brand, the more your audience will feel engaged. However, since marketing is so strongly based upon visuals, it can seem difficult to find ways to associate your brand with the other senses of the body. Here are a few ideas that can help tailor your marketing strategy to cater to all five senses.


Sight is such a common consideration in marketing that we even use related terms when discussing marketing strategies—for example, getting “more eyes” on your brand. Marketing to a sense of sight typically includes a strong visual brand identity through branded colors, branded font faces and, of course, a logo. But there are other areas where a strong visual identity is crucial. For example, consider the pictures you have posted on your social networking profiles or even the way you present yourself when meeting with potential customers.


If your business produces or sells a physical object, the feel of that product will go a long way toward creating a strong sense memory of your brand. Whether it’s your product or your marketing collateral, using high-quality materials is the first step toward a positive association with your brand, since this conveys a sense of durability and luxury.

Marketing materials with custom die cuts will feel different from traditional media, meaning recipients are less likely to dispose of them because they feel unique. Special options like embossing and textured coatings are like magnets for the hands—people can’t help but want to reach out and touch them.

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The customer’s sense of taste may seem like unexplored territory for any entrepreneur who isn’t working in the food industry—after all, not every brand can hand out free samples to tantalize the customer’s tastebuds. But you could offer free candy (with your company’s logo printed on the wrapper) in your lobby or take a potential client out to dinner to seal the deal. You can also order branded marketing materials that are associated with taste—for example, offering the customer a cup of coffee in a branded mug.


Your brand has a smell (whether you want it to or not), and if it’s strong enough, people will remember it. One technique is to create marketing materials and add perfume or scratch-and-sniff elements to your design. However, an easier way of incorporating smell could be as simple as a tax preparer keeping his office smelling like freshly brewed coffee so his clients feel at ease or a real estate agent using potpourri to make a potential property smell more appealing.

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The customer’s sense of hearing is obviously affected by radio and video advertising, but these are not the only times when the customer is listening to your brand. For example, consider the tone of voice you use when talking to potential clients. Do you seem friendly or aggressive? Are you too loud or too quiet? Do you enunciate, or are you hard to understand?

Never underestimate the effect of your on-hold music. I made the mistake of doing so, and I actually received complaints about the obnoxious hold music from my customers. Sometimes placing a customer on hold for an extended period of time is unavoidable, but consider how much worse the wait can feel for the customer if he or she is irritated by the music.

The biggest lesson to be learned is that a customer is always using all of his or her senses to experience your brand, even when you’re not aware of it. Not only is it crucial that your brand create positive sense memories with your customers, it’s also important to try and avoid creating any negative associations with your brand. Forget putting yourself in your customer’s shoes—put yourself in their eyes, ears, mouth, nose and hands so you can really get a feel for how your brand is being experienced.

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