How to run a successful Facebook contest for your small business


A Facebook contest can help drive business no matter what industry. Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars for a social media budget…you can make a Facebook contest work for you.

Here are a few tips to make your Facebook contest run a little more smoothly.


1. Follow all terms of service

Facebook is very particular about the rules and regulations of running a contest on their site. Be sure you are knowledgeable about the terms of service or you risk having your contest shut down or worst…having your account locked.

2. Engage your users

Rather than just run a normal random drawing, promote engagement and conversation by engaging your users. Consider doing a photo or caption contest, the more creative the better!

3. Don’t stop after you choose a winner

Chances are good that your contest brought in a bunch of new likes to your page. Don’t stop now! Quality really is more important than quantity here…keep your users engaged and conversing so they don’t ‘unlike’ your page or hide your updates.

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3 Things You Need to Know about Content Marketing

content-marketing-doell-open-forum-432_widescreen_hero[1]If you’ve poked around enough marketing websites, you’ve seen sites mention content—one of those marketing strategies that cuts through the thunderous din of advertising to reach customers with real, usable information.

Content marketing isn’t about blasting emails that aren’t even opened before they’re moved to the trash folder. Instead, content marketing is about giving your small business’s website and blog fresh content tailored to your industry niche. That new content makes readers come back to your site for information, building trust among the site’s visitors. Once trust is established, it’s easier for your company to convert the site visitors into actual customers. Existing customers, too, will have reasons to keep returning to your site.

Who Uses Content Marketing?

Based on research by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and the company MarketingProfs, CMI founder and executive director Joe Pulizzi says 86 percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers are using content marketing. The research is part of a new trends-and-benchmarks report published by the two companies, which reached out to consumers through social media sites.

By far the most popular site for content marketing is Facebook, with 90 percent of the B2C marketers reporting they use the mega-social networking site for business. Twitter was used by 69 percent of marketers and YouTube by 65 percent of the marketers.

Pulizzi points out the largest challenge for B2C content marketers, as well as small businesses trying to get into content marketing, is having little to no budget for the content push. Other challenges include having enough content to keep it fresh, as well as publishing content that engages the site visitor.

How Do You Build Trust?

As a small-business owner, you already know about networking to get your company’s name out there. Content marketing is an extension of that networking, only you’re building a relationship with your website and blog visitors, online, and as with any good business relationship, it comes down to trust.

How do you build trust with site visitors? By offering them reliable, useful and new information. Take, for example, emergency room doctor-turned-author CJ Lyons. She has carefully built trust with her readers and has sold more than a million self-published books, by interacting with her readers, sending them valuable content through e-mails and on her website, then dropping the price on her eBook from $4.99 to 99 cents—and the book sales skyrocketed, according to Mark McGuinness, who chronicled Lyons’ as a case study for marketing site

How Do You Measure Whether It’s Working?

Naturally, you’ll want ways to measure how effective your content marketing is in introducing new customers to your products and business. For example, look at what Sears does with its site.

The national retailer has created an online fitness community with FitStudio and provides fresh content to community members through articles from fitness experts. The site ties in with Sears’ merchandise of exercise equipment. Sears measures a number of metrics for its site, including new members, engagement, page views, return visits, coupon redemption and purchases, says Julia Fitzgerald, a chief digital officer with Sears Holdings.

“FitStudio is a social venue where people can connect with each other and the fitness experts for information and encouragement,” Fitzgerald tells “While the Sears brand is successful at selling fitness equipment, we have challenged ourselves with FitStudio to extend the brand beyond the equipment and to stand for the motivation and know-how to get America in shape.”

By creating trust and providing content that’s relevant to your customers, content marketing can help propel your business forward.

Contractor-Content-Marketing-for-Lead-Generation[1]How can smaller companies with limited time and resources emulate the social media strategies of larger companies? Web Video Vision can show you how.

At Web Video Vision we believe there are a lot of opportunities for smaller companies with limited time and resources to implement online recruiting and marketing best practices. With engaging content and a respectable online presence any business can benefit from social media marketing.

It’s important to not jump into social media without a plan in place, and consideration for the amount of time social media requires for ongoing maintenance must be in place. Poorly produced social media is worse than no social media, seriously.

Social media offers an excellent avenue to build your brand via strengthening and awareness, community management, prospective candidates and referrals, and offers excellent search engine optimization (SEO) benefits as well.

It’s not exactly a “free” avenue for online marketing, as it does require resources in the means of time, but it’s something everyone should be taking advantage of. Content marketing using elements such as articles, white papers, etc. also helps in expanding brand awareness online and can be produced very cheaply.

Video is another excellent online marketing tool that doesn’t necessarily have to be produced at an exorbitant price (although companies will want to monitor the final quality, as the video will be representative of the company and the company’s voice).

At Web Video Vision we are experts in the social media and content marketing fields. We understand that having an online presence is only half the battle. By producing entertaining and engaging content persistently we can help transform your audience into real sales.
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The Power of Facebook Contests

Power of contestsDiane Merassa After Contest

Web Video Vision recently produced a $100 give away for one of our clients, and the results were astonishing! This Irvine based realtor jumped from only 95 Facebook ‘Likes’ to nearly 900 Likes in less than a month! And traffic to her site is at an all time high! Just take a look at her Facebook statistics and it is easy to see how powerful Facebook engagement can be.

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