On-location Video Shoots with Web Video Vision

Web Video Vision has a full featured studio located in Irvine, CA. However, often times a client is unable to make it to our office, or an on-location video shoot is simply more convenient for them. We have many years of experience setting up video shoots at our customers’ locations as well. Whether it is a manufacturing facility, outdoor area, or just a simple conference room we have the expertise to transform any location into a shot worth bragging about to your clients.

Upon arriving at your location we will set up our lighting, audio, and camera equipment. Possibly the most important, as well as most often overlooked portion of any on-location shoot is the set decoration. We will transform any boring old room into a professional, elegant set that really grabs your audiences’ attention.

Our high-tech monitoring system allows to us record live, and ensure that the entire video is captured flawlessly. We then bring the footage back to our Irvine office for editing, and finally can assist you with the proper distribution channels.

To find out more about producing a video with Web Video Vision visit our website, or contact us today.