E-Mail Marketing Myths and How to Overcome Them


Many businesses make the mistake of running their e-mail marketing as they would prefer as a customer. However this is approach can be detrimental to sales, in fact many aspects of email marketing are counter-intuitive.

Sending email frequently is a bad thing…

Many email marketers think that because they are annoyed by inboxes full of marketing from other companies they should not subject their customers to this same irritation. However this is not an effective approach, in fact many studies have proven that emailing as often as once a day can be far more effective than just once a month. Some studies have even shown that recipients are less likely to hit unsubscribe if they receive frequent emails.

You should only have one link in your emails

Many email marketers learned that any more than one link in your email and you may receive a spam marking. Contrarily your emails can, and should, have at least 3-4 links. This will help improve click through rates and lower spam complaints; as well as limit unsubscribes.

As long as I use a auto-responder my list is safe

This is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. You should protect your list like you protect your children. Many companies have been known to close down and refuse to send you your list. This is why it is important to keep frequent back ups of all your lists, and use a trusted company to perform all of your sending.

The moral of the story is that you are not your customer. While some customers may complain about the tips given above, it may be worth it for a 20-30% increase in revenue. It is imperative to keep an eye on click through and adjust accordingly.

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