Web Video Vision Client Profile: American Jewelry Brand

American Jewelry Brand is a nationally recognized jeweler that specializes in providing jewelry to smaller companies who wish to rebrand their products. AJB approached Web Video Vision with the desire to create a well laid out, simple web page that would allow potential customers to look over the various jewelry collections and contact AJB if they were interested. They also required a password protected member’s area for their vendors to be able purchase inventory without revealing dealer pricing to the public.

Web Video Vision worked directly with AJB to design and manipulate the site to perfectly match their vision. After three composition layouts, the design was decided upon. The website was developed using the SearchFit Content Management System to optimize for search engines and allow for members only access to certain pages.        A video was produced by Web Video Vision for AJB and was implemented on the home page in order to engage the viewers and quickly describe the business to them. The website can be viewed live at www.AmericanJewelryBrand.com, and the video can be watched below!

Re Purposing Business Content for Marketing

Chances are pretty good that you already have a library of content for your business already created, the challenge is finding an appealing way to present it! For example, you may have a great PowerPoint presentation built for your company, but does anyone really want to download and watch a slideshow? Probably not. So why not create a video with the same content, which viewers are far more likely to click on!

By thinking outside the box most any content you have produced is able to be re purposed into a different outlet, allowing you to extend the life of your content and avoid presenting the same information over and over! Here are a few examples of re purposing that may work for your business:

1. Transforming a library of articles into a handy E-book.

2. Turning PowerPoint slideshows into exciting videos.

3. Re formatting articles and recording a podcast.

4. Create social media posts based on articles you already have written.

5. Re purposing an article or blog post into a landing page.

6. Taking useful information or articles and presenting a webinar.

It is easy to see how many different ways you could re purpose your content! Web Video Vision is an expert with presenting your content in an engaging way to your audience. Contact us today to learn more about this process and how we can assist with your marketing effort!

Why you should still have a Google+ profile for your business.

It has only been a year since Google+ excitedly released their social media platform Google plus to the public, yet the tumbleweeds are already rolling by. However despite the seemingly empty wasteland, Google+ still has many benefits to offer to a small business that you may not have realized.


Google loves Google

Have you noticed that Google+ pages have begun to skyrocket to top ranks for Google searches? Google favors their own pages over any other when returning results, so by having a Google profile for your business or establishment, a great SEO improvement is almost guaranteed.

Google+ as a tool

Unlike Facebook, Google Plus is an extremely useful communication tool for businesses as well. With real time collaboration with Google Docs integration, and free conference video chatting it is easy to see how useful Google+ can be to a business. By using a mixture of Facebook, email, and other social media platforms you are constantly switching applications wasting time and resources. By using Google you can stay within one suite of web based applications and maximize productivity!

To learn more about how Google+ can impact your business check out this article by Alex Fitzpatrick of Mashable, then contact Web Video Vision today to learn how we can assist you with your social media effort.

Getting Started with Content Marketing

Marketing <3 Content.


Possibly the most common mistake made by businesses trying to break into online marketing is a lack of creative or engaging content. Online marketing relies on content to “[pull] consumers in at various stages of the buying cycle.”

Many companies who make the decision to start up an online marketing campaign also opt to produce content themselves, often resulting in unprofessional, mis-targeted, or irrelevant information being presented to their audience.

Give your audience a treasure map with proper keyword research!

Creating engaging content is only half the battle! Methodically planning your keywords according to trending searches and relevance to your product offering will give prospective  customers a way to discover your business, and the value of choosing you over any competition! Proper keyword research is crucial to achieving bigger and better audiences! Web Video Vision has extensive experience in the SEO field, and content marketing is our specialty.

The type of content produced is crucial.

Web Video Vision is an expert in content marketing and has the expertise to choose the right format, content, and venue for your online marketing effort! From video production to web design, social media to SEO, Web Video Vision has you covered from creation to conversion.

For more information on the importance of content marketing, or how you can get started today on a campaign of your own…contact Web Video Vision or visit our website WebVideoVision.com.

Also check out this article by James Landers of Blue Corona on the importance of content marketing and how to get started.