Web Video Vision’s
Remote Cam Video Production
Saves You Money!

We at Web Video Vision were enlisted by Hair Club Medical Group to produce a series of videos seeking to introduce their national network of doctors to potential clientele. However, due to the widespread locations of Hair Club offices throughout the US and Canada, a traditional video production including travel would incur considerable expense to the client. In order to fulfill Hair Club’s needs while staying within the confines of a limited budget, we used our latest video production solution: The Remote Cam Video System or RCS!

While our Irvine, California studio is fully equipped to handle any type of video production necessary with the added benefit of nearby amenities such as hotels and airport, the client and the interviewee never even had to leave their desks! By shipping our proprietary RCS system straight to the Hair Club doctor to be interviewed, enormous cost was saved over having to send an entire film crew and their equipment to Toronto, Canada.

Web Video Vision’s green screen stage was used, in conjunction with 2 high definition cameras, to create a seamless interview from over 2,500 miles away! Hair Club’s Dr. Donovan even remarked that “it was as close to a true, in-person interview as you can get!” When the interview was over, our video editor combined the remote cam video and the locally shot video into one timeline, placed everything in to a branded wrapper, and uploaded the video to Hair Club’s existing Meet the Doctor Page.

Please check out the accompanying video for an insider look at the behind-the-scenes process at Web Video Vision!