7 Simple Steps to a Successful Website

According to Open Forum contributor Karlee Weinmann, there is no perfect formula for small and large business websites but  few key guidelines will help attract and hold on to loyal clients.

  1. Quality Content
    Content is king. Offer enough information for the user to understand the message your company wants them to act on. It is important for it to be professionally written and organized.
  2. Clear Vision of Audience
    Many companies don’t narrow their focus down enough. Be aware of who you are speaking or selling to so you can tailor your content and look to them.
  3. Keywords
    Search engines like Google to rank search results. Proper use of keywords will increase traffic to your page.
  4. Clean and Organized Look
    Let your site match the personality of your company. Be it professional, playful or creative, just make sure it is done in a way that organizes and displays your content well.
  5. Simple Navigation
    Allow your users so get an overview of what your site has to offer with simple and to-the-point navigation.
  6. About the Company
    A simple and honest “About Us” page will build trust with potential customers and encourage them to explore more of the site.
  7. Social Media Integration
    Integrating social media into your site will promote engagement and create a more informal and comfortable environment for your customers to interact with you in.

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Portfolio Peek: LEDtronics Web Design Project

Portfolio Peek takes a look at Web Video Vision’s Clients and Projects

Case Study: Phase 1 of LEDtronics Marketing Plan

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In August of 2011 LEDtronics chose  Web Video Vision as their marketing partner.  Our first order of action was to redesign the existing LEDtronics site by enhancing the look and feel and improving the content and navigational structure. Our method caters to the client’s specific needs by analyzing their current marketing strategy, brainstorming the necessary actions required to achieve their goals and then implementing that plan.

What’s The Plan?

LEDtronics laid out these goals for their new site:

  1. An updated look and feel that will match the quality of the company’s service and products
  2. A cleaner and more user friendly navigation
  3. A featured product section on the home page
  4. A social media section on the home page
  5. A customer review section on the home page
  6. Seamless transition from old to new site
  7. Increased traffic
  8. Increased awareness of Distributor and Rep companies
  9. Increased awareness of product variety to existing client

The site launched in October 2011 with an enhanced clean look that efficiently showcased their products and is now closely tracked by Web Video Vision analytics.Show Me the Numbers!

Of course the big question is “what are the results?” We compared LEDtronics updated site to the original site over a 6-month time period.  Here is what we found:

  • Overall visitor increase by 23.99%
  • Unique visitor increase by 27.47%
  • 10% increase in traffic from search engines
  • Unique page view increase by 8%
  • 52.55% increased time on the homepage

In addition to these stats, we saw a whopping increase of 187.99% to the North American Distributor page. This is a great success since one of LEDtronics main goals was to drive potential and new clients to the distribution companies that carry their product.
“Simply” Re-Designing a website is much more than just painting a pretty face. The navigational structure and organized design engages the viewer and causes their average time on site to be longer and more productive.

After only 3 months we are happy to see these positive results and anticipate more throughout coming months. Keep an eye out for our next post about Phase 2 of LEDtronics’ Case Study.

Read a Review from our Client