Should My Offline Business Be Online Too?

A recent article from the American Express Open Forum discussed how you not only need to be online, but need to be tapped into the various social networks.

Decades ago, the question many business owners asked was whether they needed a website.  Now, it’s no longer a question, but a necessity.  The new question is – do I need to be on social networks?  It can be a costly mistake to not promote yourself through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even blogging.

As users are moving away from their home computers, and turning more and more toward their mobile devices, it is even more important to be in tune with social media.  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging all are important parts of  “Web 2.0” marketing.  Each with their own mobile apps, and constant notifications and updates.  Your customers or clients are making a fundamental shift with how they communicate with you, and it’s time for you to follow suit.  According to John Lawson, it is important to develop:

  • An online persona
  • A personal/business brand
  • An online presence
  • Web recognition
  • An online marketing plan that will result in increased profit margin, which is more important of all
Bundling your social media services together, creating a marketing strategy and then executing that strategy consistently is the best plan for success on social network marketing.

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