Webcast Your PowerPoint Presentation

Don Currie of High Tech Lending came to Web Video Vision with a time problem. He needed to replicate himself. He spends a lot of time away from the office, flying around the country presenting his company PowerPoint. He thought of a webinar, but it lacked the professional look and feel of his company. Webinars also did not offer high quality video if any video at all. In a nutshell, a webinar did not represent the High Tech Lending Brand.

We offered to film his presentation but not just as a stand alone video (or YouTube style). Using our webcast technology, we combined Video, PowerPoint and even his printed hand outs (converted to PDF) into a Branded, Professional video web site. Don did not think any technology could be good enough to represent him as well as he could represent himself in person.

Don was thrilled with the final product. His company now receives thousand of hits to the site. The site has already created business in its first 30 days of use. Most importantly, it solved Dons problem. He has saved time and money by replicating himself.

See this presentation and other examples at http://www.webvideovision.com/What-We-Do/Video/Webcast

Watch Dons testimonial at http://webvideovision.com/Reviews-And-Awards/Testimonials/High-Tech-Lending

Rent our Video Studio or Production services

Whether you need video shot ON LOCATION, IN STUDIO or via our WEB CAM option, Web Video Vision can help. Here at Web Video Vision, we believe that quality and attention to detail is paramount, which is why we utilize only professional grade equipment. View our portfolio of work, watch testimonials from our valued clients then give us a call to find out how to rent our studio for your project. We can help make your vision a reality.

Let me introduce you to Web Video Vision’s production studio. It has everything you need to produce professional, turnkey content in a centralized, convenient, and CLIENT comfortable environment. Our studio is completely versatile. We can set decorate our stage or use green screen technologies to get the shot you need. We are equipped to produce a Live Webcast or On Demand video for your website or social media channels.  Rent our studio or hire Web Video Vision to complete your project from vision to completion.

If you can’t come to our studio, we can come to you. Our mobile studio, complete with High Definition cameras, Teleprompter, Professional Grade Microphones, LED lighting and Green Screen technology is fully self contained, portable and available ON LOCATION anywhere. The creativity and value doesn’t stop there. Web Video Vision offers live web casting complete with integrated social media marketing tools. Reach thousands of viewers, in any region of the world affordably.

Today’s social media reality style video content is very “cost effective” but not very “high in quality”. Web Video Vision has developed a professional webcam kit complete with computer monitoring, Internet connection, lighting and professional microphone. We ship the kit on location, and then remotely produce your content via the Internet. We can even edit remotely and complete your project same day. High quality at a cost effective price.

4 Tips when using Social Media

Web Video Vision manages our clients Social Media channels.  We continue our education in this field every day by reading books, attending seminars and through doing the work. We thought we would share with our readers 4 social media mistakes companies should avoid. Working with social media every day, we agree with these mistakes. Take a look for yourself and make sure to avoid them as well. If you have more mistakes to avoid, feel free to comment and let us know!

1. Stale Content

The Internet is a gigantic growing web of information and if you’re not regularly contributing to it then you’re missing out on opportunities to connect with interested people. It’s important to post fresh and original content on a regular basis. Without it, your fans and followers may wonder where you’ve disappeared to and venture off to graze in greener pastures. The trick with content is to understand how much or how little you should post. Take the time to learn about what your audience wants and then get ready to update, share and engage.

2. Combing Business And Personal Accounts

A major no-no is meshing professional and personal social media accounts with one another. If you’re considering social media to promote your business brand make sure to create separate profiles on each platform.  You also run the risk of being shut down for using a personal account to promote a business.

3. Little To No Monitoring

Awhile back, one of our clients decided to manage the daily tasks of their social media channels in house. They retained us for quarterly consultation. They started monitoring daily, then weekly, then stopped completely. Loyal fans and followers were posting questions that were not getting answered. Others were using their wall to post advertisements for their own business. Not monitoring is the equivalent of having a brick and mortar without employees to help the customers.

4. Cloning Strategies

Each social media site has a unique following. Getting to know and understand who the audience is and what they like is what will help you shape your social media strategy. A cookie cutter approach is not the way to go. What works on Digg probably won’t work on StumbleUpon and what works on Reddit won’t necessarily work on Mixx. Tailor your strategy to each platform before you implement.