Boost Traffic through Video Search Engine Optimization on YouTube

Search Engine Optimization is the art of making your website and web pages search engine friendly to the search Engine bots. Besides Search Engine Optimization, there are number of other ways to boost Internet traffic. The real fact is that universal search results take into account local business listings, videos, maps, images and even posts on social networking websites. Therefore, in order to get popularity and high promotional visibility on these websites, other subtle tactics should also be practiced.

YouTube is a comprehensive video-sharing portal which allows the user to create subscribe and post video files. Every video file that you share on YouTube channel can be indexed with their Title, Description and Tags. This ensures video search engine optimization and also maximizes visibility of your video in the search results for a relevant set of keyword(s) on search engine ranking page and Youtube.

Video search engine optimization begins with writing effective title, description and tags (Keywords). One should remember that the Title of the video is attractive and include the keywords. Again description should be attractive and should include proper keywords relevant to your industry. It is a good idea to add URL of your website/blog on your video in watermark. Finally add effective tags (keywords) of your video. It will be great if you can get few authoritative back-links to your YouTube video. Only relevant website links should refer to your YouTube video. This would in turn increase the probability of appearing your YouTube video on natural search results associated with desired keyword. You can write an effective Blog post for your Blog related to the video and add it to the video right there. If the post becomes popular, then people will link to the post as well as the video.

These days video optimization on Youtube and other channels have become popular. The popularity has gained momentum because YouTube Videos are not only visible on search on Youtube, they are also shown on search engine ranking page; and further helps in generating valuable traffic against websites/blog. People always love animation and graphics; they never like to read content. Therefore, if you can do effective video optimization, surely it will help you to increase your website’s conversion rates too!