Danny Soong Retains Web Video Vision to Update His Website

danny_soong_beforeDanny Soong Retains Web Video Vision to Update His Website that we built for him in 2008.

After  finding success with his site, Danny wanted to add even more features.

The site is a completely flash site, with an introduction video at the beginning, and 2 other video interviews in the “About Danny” section as well as the “Testimonials” section.  Danny understands the power of video, and wants to add 5 more interviews into his testimonials section.  Danny wanted each video to have a Virtual Host that introduced the specifics of the case.

Danny has a tight deadline, but Web Video Vision is up for the task!

Stay tuned, we’ll be launching in about a week!

Power Turbine has retained Web Video Vision to update their website

Power Turbine Before

Power Turbine has retained Web Video Vision to update their website.

Their website was built almost 7 years ago, and doesn’t represent their brand or the quality services and products they supply.

Power Turbine first found Web Video Vision in Forbes Magazine where we were listed as a “leading Web Designers of the Western United States for 2009”.

After the initial conversations, Power Turbine decided that they wanted not only a new website, but also to include video as well.  Just another reason that Web Video Vision was chosen.

We are very excited to build this site, and will post an update when the new site launches!

Amsterdam Day 3

Day 3:

At the convention Center in AmsterdamWe woke up early,  and headed down to have breakfast in the Hotel.  The head chef was actually from Southern California, and had been living in Amsterdam for nearly 20 years.  He made us pancakes and french toast.  It was a great start to the day!

The two interviews later in the morning went very well.  One was with the CEO and the other interview was with the West Coast Regional Manager.  Both were very professional and very easy to work with.

Now that all of the interviews were done, we had a little B-Roll to shoot.

In the afternoon, we took a camera to the convention center and shot B-Roll.  It happened to be raining, but with an umbrella we had brought along we didn’t have any problems.  We shot a video blog which we’ll upload here later, but it goes into more detail about the room and what obstacles we had to overcome in order to film these interviews.

With all of the filming done, we were able to pack all of the equipment up in less than 2 hours.  Packing the tapes separately from the hard drives (which contain a copy of all the footage) ensured that no video would be lost or damaged.