Amsterdam Day 2

Julian Interviewing Day 2Day 2:

After getting approvals on all angles, we are ready to shoot!

We have 8 Interviews to film today.

After approving the angles and set decoration yesterday, today our client is watching and listening to the interviews taking place via a streaming video feed.  Each of the 7 interviews go just as planned, and all are on time!

Our client video / audio  feed proved to be invaluable in more than one occasion.  The client was able to add extra follow up questions, and gave us notes on what she like / disliked about the interview.  This will make editing the interviews much easier as we already know what messages she like from each of the interviews.

With 7 interviews done, and the sun setting, it’s time to get ready for 3 more interviews tomorrow.  We will also be shooting B Roll at the convention center nearby.

Amsterdam Day 1!

beforeandafterWeb Video Vision is in Amsterdam! After a 10 hour flight, we arrived yesterday and unpacked 5 cases of equipment to transform the hotel room into a studio.

We lit the room up with lights we brought and used props from the room to set decorate it. We had each of the cameras streaming a video feed to our client who was in Texas to see each angle and approve it. This saved the client Travel expenses and a 3 day trip to Amsterdam. With our Streaming Video View, they can “Virtually” be in Amsterdam and approve the shoot.

The first photo is the before shot. The next two photos are after we added all the equipment and props. Check back tomorrow to see images from the shoot.

Our Client’s Social Media Stories

cmsCabinet Maker’s Supply is one of the largest online suppliers of cabinet making and woodworking supplies. Web Video Vision built their ecommerce 1.0 website in 2008 and we have been managing their entire Print, Electronic and Social Media Marketing campaigns this past year.

According to David Lyttle, Marketing Director for Cabinet Makers Supply, the company is embracing a social media campaign that includes a blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence for the do-it-yourself woodworker. “We do business with our customers through the Internet, and it makes sense to enhance their customer service satisfaction the same way,” said Lyttle. “Through one or all of the social networks, The woodworking community will be able to enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people who share their joy at a project well executed, or enlist support and helpful advice for future and current woodworking projects as well as be privy to special Internet pricing for featured products”.

Through analytics reporting, we have been able to see steady growth in traffic, and conversion rates translating into increased sales. This success can be attributed to Web Video Vision’s efforts of actively building a loyal online community of Fans and Followers for

What is Social Media Marketing?

question1Twitter, Facebook, LinkdeIn, MySpace. They can be used for much more than just looking up old classmates or posting pictures of your pet. Businesses are utilizing Web 2.0 applications to speak AND listen to their clients, constituents, citizens and customers.

Social networking is not a fad and should be a relevant piece of your marketing plan. These platforms deliver results that are very effective and are less costly than traditional advertising (are you smiling yet?)

It’s an eWorld. Users have come to expect information now and want it delivered Green. Content is King and consumers are selective. They are online, searching, working and networking more than ever. Checking in on their Social networking sites is part of their daily routine.

Many agencies have heard of social networking but are “waiting to see”. At Web Video Vision, we are marketing, managing and creating social networking sites and content for our clients TODAY! Let our experienced team help you create a social networking plan that works for your business.

Join Our Social Media Community

wvvWe invite you to be a part of our Social Network. You will find us on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn. Social networks allow us to exchange and interact. In our community we will post information that you may find beneficial.

·We regularly post updates and articles on the latest marketing trends and innovations
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·Watch testimonials as clients describe what projects have worked for them and why

We want to listen to you. Online social communities have become very relevant networks for business. Comment about an upcoming project or need, share a story about the successes or challenges of a past marketing campaign.

Just hang out and read or get involved and post. Either way, we want you to join our community. Without you we could not have the success we have enjoyed over the past 12 years.

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