Web Video Vision to the Rescue

For nearly a decade, Ed Gillow has been a spokesperson and personal friend of Web Video Vision. His great delivery, honest nature and sincerity have come through to make our clients look their very best on video.

It was disheartening to hear a week ago that his website was not working. In nearly a panic Ed sent an email to Julian at Web Video Vision to see if their was anything we could do to help. Our team worked together to find out what was wrong.

It seemed the site had been down for over a week and the previous webmaster couldn’t be found. With a little research and a few emails, we were able to track down the files to the website.

At 10:00am, Ed called us about his site, and by 2:00pm the same day, Ed’s site was safely hosted on our servers. His site was rescued by the diligent efforts of the Web Video Vision team.

We go above and beyond for our clients and for the people we work with. Ed is a valued asset to our organization, and we are so happy we could help him.

Whew, what a relief! I went to hopeless to happy within 4 hours! The people at WebVideo Vision are the best…. they didn’t have to go to the lengths they did, but they did & I am really glad they did. Talk about customer service!
– Ed Gillow

You can read his recount of the story in his testimonial he wrote for us.

You can also see his reel on our talent section of Web Video Vision’s website. Be sure to visit his site, and keep him in mind for any work where you need a professional, honest actor to represent you.

Restroom Plus.com Ecommerce site launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the RestroomPLUS.com Ecommerce website.

Mike, the president of Restroom PLUS, came to us with the story that we are very familiar with. He got someone to create a website and they didn’t complete it. They seem to be overpaying and getting no results.

After being “burned” by the other company, Mike reached out to Web Video Vision known for our dependability, having won most dependable web designers two years in a row by Goldline Research, to help him fix the unfinished website. We met with Mike face to face and realized the best solution was an Ecommerce website.

Restroom PLUS never had a website before, so that required a website that was search engine friendly. For that reason we chose the Rightway Gate Searchfit Ecommerce Solution. IT proved to be a fast implementation, with minimal work for Restroom PLUS. Mike and the Web Video Vision team put together an excel spreadsheet and we had the site running in 4 weeks.

We have high expectations for RestroomPLUS. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Thanks for the good work on our website“- Mike (RestroomPLUS.com)