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The latest edition of the Drucker School Video Magazine Launched!

The magazine which is shot entirely in HD, is also available on iTunes and on YouTube and is marketed to over 10,000 people each launch.

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Ever wondered… how attending The Drucker School can influence your future?  Find out: what was Peter Drucker’s take on long-term vs. short-term planning. How intuition comes into play in a finance course. What the Executive in Residence Program is and what exciting news Dean Ira has tucked up his sleeve –

Marketing in a lousy economy

I recently ran into an article by about how you should capitalize on the great marketing opportunities provided during a down economy.  One statement really stood out for me was:

In a study of 600 business-to-business companies, McGraw-Hill Research found that businesses that maintained or increased their advertising expenditures during the 1981-1982 recession, averaged higher sales growth during the recession and in the three years following. By 1985, sales of aggressive recession advertisers (those that either maintained or increased spending) had risen 256% over those that cut-back on advertising. Likewise, in 2001, another study found that aggressive recession advertisers increased market share 2 ½ times the average for all businesses in the post-recession economy

He has 4  reasons to marketing in a down economy:

  1. Cut through the clutter
  2. Convince them to spend on you
  3. Spend less and make a stronger impact
  4. Updating your Web site

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