CD / DVD Duplication

CD / DVD Duplication
Do you have a trade show coming up, a gig on the weekend? Regardless of the size or scope of your order, we offer a prompt ‘turn-key’, in-house duplication of CD’s and DVD’s from 1 to 5,000 copies.  We don’t send out our duplication work, we handle it in house, and because of that, our quick turnaround service can duplicate as many as 1,500 disks in a 24 hour period.
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Need a label?  Professional packaging? No problem, our talented team of designers can custom design a full-color, on-the-cd label for you. Our packaging options include generic sleeves, multi-use sleeves for distribution and mailing, or a simple jewel case. Folding multi-panel inserts, stapled booklets or case wrap inserts can also be quickly and professionally designed.  Our designers are happy to create custom packaging to suit your project, or to create packaging that reflects your company branding and color palette.

It’s important to stress here, that while a speedy turnaround is important, quality is king. We never sacrifice quality for speed. Our stringent quality controls ensure that at least 10% of each batch is randomly spot checked to ensure optimal quality of the disk.

Additionally, we can store your master in our vault for safety and future duplication needs.  Our pricing is very competitive – please contact us for a quote!

Philip Mastroianni
(714) 560 – 0017

WebVideo Vision Going Green!

So there is a lot of hype about going green.

In general, We conserve well at home, but it seems as soon as we arrive in the office, we turn into triplicate-printing, paper-cup-squashing, run-our-computers-all-night workers!  In the US alone, computers in offices burn $1 billion worth of electricity annually.

At WebVideo Vision we’ve made same changes over the past years: automatic shutoffs for lighting (which scarfs up 44% of the electricity used in office buildings) and setting computers to power down automatically after hours, cutting the machine’s energy use by up to 70%.

When commuting to an offsite location, we drive a hybrid car.

But the greatest savings that WebVideo Vision has done is to change the way we meet with our clients.  Now, driving out of the office to discuss a project, or to seek approvals is a rarity.  Don’t get me wrong, there is definately a time and a place when you need to meet face to face, but now we are having meetings using the web and teleconferencing.  Some of the advantages of this are:

  • We can meet anytime anywhere. We’ve been known to have 2 employees in different countries, meeting with a client in a different country!
  • All you need is a phone line, and a computer with an internet connection to have a highly informative and interactive meeting.
  • Everyone is involved. We are not limited to the size of a conference room, or the weather.  Whoever needs to know, can be in the meeting.
  • Approvals and revisions are lightning fast. We can share our computer’s display with all attendees, and can get approvals and do revisions on the spot.
  • Everyone wins!

Let us know if you want to know about how to have a meeting online.  Give us a call (714) 560 – 0017, or email me

We would love to hear from you!

Customer Reviews of WebVideo Vision

At WebVideo Vision we have a great number of ecstatic clients and with the help of Customer Lobby, we have put many of our clients comments online.

We are proud to have an average of 5 stars (out of 5) in Professionalism, Quality and Service.

“They were timely as well as highly organized; exactly what I required for this project. The whole encounter went smoothly and easily.” – Mike B (MB Jewelers)

“If someone is looking for the professional edge of combining web with video I would strongly recommend them.” – Kim (Wacker / Silmix)

“WebVideo Vision has been fantastic and the response to the video magazine has been impressive so far. In fact, recently a large national bank proactively contacted us to solicit our business after researching our industry and finding our video magazine online.” Mike A (The Claremont Club)

See All of our reviews on our Customer Lobby Page.

Also – visit our Testimonials Section of our website to watch videos from different clients as they tell you how WebVideo Vision brought their project to life, and how WebVideo Vision set itself apart from the competition.

As you can tell I am very excited about all of the great reviews we have received.  We truly pride ourselves on delivering high quality products that exceed our clients expectations.

– Phil Mastroianni