Cabinet Makers Video Shoot

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We just completed eCommerce site, when the CEO asked us to duplicate the site – but in Spanish language.

The site has about 5000 products, ranging from knobs to woodworking tools.  It was designed in house and utilizes a very specific eCommerce software for maximum search engine friendliness.  It is so search engine friendly, people were purchasing items from the store when it hadn’t even launched yet!

One of the reasons why WebVideo Vision was asked to create this site, is Cabinet Makers Supply wanted to differentiate themselves from their competition.  One of the main things they wanted to do was have a video greeting at the home page.  It would add a personality and credibility to the site that their competition didn’t have.  WebVideo vision was perfect for the job!

Having worked with the company in the past creating print brochures and folders, we were prepared to undertake such a large job.

Normally a shoot like this – a large set, teleprompter, lights, sound equipment, cameras etc. would take hours to setup, at least 5 people to run all of the equipment, and a large grip truck to carry everything.  It would also take hours to setup and breakdown, and it still would need to be brought back to be edited.

WebVideo Vision’s Digital HD media console really made this shoot a breeze.  All of our equipment is packed into specially designed cases, allowing us to quickly setup equipment, and begin shooting.  No large grip truck required, we utilize compact high efficiency lighting, high end digital HD cameras and a portable teleprompter to create a studio out of any environment.  Take a look at the behind the scenes video I put together after the shoot to get an idea of what we did and what the final product looks like!

– Phil Mastroianni

Drucker Day 2008

The Drucker School at Claremont Graduate University asked us to document Drucker Day 2008.

Daniel Yankelovich

Daniel Yankelovich

The keynote speaker was Daniel Yankelovich – a founding father of American public-opinion research and its preeminent practitioner. He is also the founder of the New York Times/Yankelovich Poll (now the NY Times/CBS Poll).

One of the challenges the university asked of us, was to have the keynote speech shot with two cameras, edited and online within 24 hours. We accomplished this with our HD Media Console.  Capturing all of the footage digitally, we were able to bring the file directly into the computer, encode and upload the file all within 24 hours.  You can see Daniel Yankelovich’s Keynote Speech Here.

Also during the day we interviewed people about their memories of Peter Drucker.  These videos will be compiled into the Drucker School Video Magazine Volume 9 which launches on December 8th 2008.  Email Me if you would like to be added to the launch announcement list.

— Phil Mastroianni

MB Jewelers Website Updated!

Recently we were asked by a longtime customer to update their website.

I was very excited because they wanted some advanced features that weren’t part of their original website.  Speaking of their original website, it was a pretty advanced site for its time.  Gone was the white background and in with black and grey and dark blues.  A very classy look for a very professional Jeweler.  Built in about 2004 by WebVideo Vision it was a full flash front end, with a PHP/ XML / mySQL back end for updating products in the catalog.

MB Jewelers was looking to change their look to a more artistic / design site.  We listened very carefully, and two weeks later – 2.0 was born!

We had created videos in the past for the company, and I was thrilled to be able to include them in this version of the website.

You can take a look at their site, but the collections of jewelery are password protected.

Mike, President of MB Jewelers said “Compared to competitors in this industry, they garner massive creative talent and experience and overshadow most other professionals that I’ve come across.”

He had a lot more to say – Click here to read his entire review.
— Phil Mastroianni

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