On Location And Interviews

What a great week we’ve had!

I love our new On Location Mobile Video Console

We spent last week filming multiple interviews in a new three-camera style with an interviewer.  It’s a slight departure from how we normally do things, but that is what we are all about.  Changing things up, keeping up with the technology and being more efficient!  See the new footage in the Drucker School Video Magazine.

OnLocation at Claremont Graduate University

OnLocation at Claremont Graduate University

We’ve added a new piece of equipment to our field production setup – the On Location Mobile Video Console.  (We’re still coming up with a catchier name)  What this let’s us do is to utilize three mobile computers to monitor and capture the HD video.  It’s really great for making those fine tuning adjustments to the image.  We also capture directly to external hard drives, and when we’re back at the editing bays at the office, we plug in and start editing.  It’s saves us hours!  And the quality is definitely better, we can really get into the image and get it looking perfect!  We can review the footage right there at the shoot and it really makes the client happy to see the different shots all on one console with immediate review.

Our custom made Pelican Cases house the Core 2 Duo Systems running Adobe OnLocation.  It’s really quite impressive.  The speed we are able to go from production to editing is minutes instead of hours.  The old days you had to capture each tape, which was real-time.  So a one hour interview with 3 cameras was 3 hours just to bring it into the editing system… Then you also had to capture the B-Roll.  We are now editing within about 5 minutes.  How is that for FAST!

Our first test project we used this on was a 3 hour presentation at Claremont Graduate University.  Normally we would have to coordinate to change out the tapes in the camera each hour.  Now – we can simply record to the OnLocation Media Console.  We converted the video to DVD, and all without having to capture or copy any files.  We did have the camera backing up the shoot on tape – but we didn’t’ need to even touch it!

So many great things going on at WebVideo Vision – check back for more!

-Philip Mastroianni

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