Air Force One Project


It’s not everyday you get called up to film an Air Force One Plane… Let alone, President George W. Bush!

One of our clients who owns Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, Ca. asked us to film an event at an “undisclosed” location. In order to move forward we had to get our background checked by the Secret Service. Yes, the Secret Service… After getting authorization from them to film we kind of had a hint on why we were going through all these protocols.


Within a day of our client calling us and all the procedures we were all geared up with our equipment and on our way to Southern California Logistics Airport the next morning. Once we arrived at the airport we finally get filled in that we were there to film The President of the United States, George W Bush!


We made sure our crew was in position and had the best angle to capture The President, as he landed in the most recognizable plane in the world, The Air Fore 1. Watch our Video to see more on this project. It was a pleasure for us to have this opportunity.