Why You Should Have a “Subscriber” Youtube Video


For people who are searching through YouTube and stumble upon your Channel, you want to make it very clear from the start what your channels about… and what better way than a “Subscriber” Video!

The benefits of having a “Subscriber” video is to not only make it obvious that you want people Subscribing to your channel but it will establish what type of content your audience will be expecting if they do decide to Subscribe to you.

For example, we created a video (See Video Below) for one of our Realtor clients. In one of the sections of the video we put “Why Subscribe” and then followed that up with letting people know that they will expect Open Houses, Customer Reviews, Home Tour Videos, etc. We also added “Customer Review” section to help validate the Realtor.

Whether your channels about fashion, automotive or sports, a subscriber video will work for any type of content creator. Having this video be the 1st thing someone see’s will be beneficial. Especially when you’re just starting out your channel and you don’t have an audience yet.

LA Angels Pitcher CJ Wilson at Mecum Auctions


photoday2014cjwilsonToday we attended Mecum Auctions at the Anaheim Convention Center to film a Talking About Cars episode with Host Randy Kerdoon and LA Angels Pitcher CJ Wilson.

For this episode we had CJ Wilson and Randy Kerdoon conduct the interview inside a flawless Bentley. Production wise, we had a 3 camera set up, 1 GoPro on the dashboard and 2 DSLR’s outside the car. Along with wireless clip-on mics for Randy and Wilson.

Episode 83 Trailer

Watch our Episode we produced as CJ Wilson lists his favorite cars he’d like to own, including a “Wacky Ranch Truck”! He also explains how video games got him into having a passion for cars and shares with us what his future interests will be after his Baseball Career…

Full Interview

Ryan Getzlaf of the Anaheim Ducks Interviewed inside a Porsche


Today we had a great time producing an Episode of Talking About Cars with Anaheim Ducks Captain, Ryan Getzlaf at the Mecum Auctions in Anaheim, CA..

For this interview we had Host of TAC Randy Kerdoon and Ryan Getzlaf talk cars and sports inside a Porsche 911. We had a 3 camera set-up (2 DSLR’s / 1 GoPro) and clip on mics on our subjects for audio.


NHL Player and Captain of the Anaheim DucksRyan Getzlaf joins Randy in a PorscheGT3RS sportscar to talk about the car he took to Prom, the new home he is building…along with a 12 car garage and his business partnership with CNC Motors as well as what cars his NHL Buddies like…oh,and his son pops into the interview to ask Daddy for a….you will have watch to find out.

FULL Interview here. Make sure to Share as well!

Actor Oliver Trevena (JoyRide) Guest joins on Talking About Cars Ep. 81

img_20161109_172104Video Vision on set producing an Episode of Talking About Cars with our guest Oliver Trevena from the Esquire Network Joyride.

Our production team set up our lights and cameras around this vintage Triumph sportscar with a 3 camera set up. 1 GoPro on the mirror for the wide angle view and the other 2 camera’s shooting the Host and Guest.

Watch our Behind the Scenes Video

Watch the Final Product as Oliver shares with us some of his past cars he’s owned and also gives us a list of his favorite rides he’s driven on Joyride and much much more!

Make sure you tune in and watch Joyride on the Esquire Network to watch Oliver and his partners rapper, T-Pain, racecar driver Brian Vickers and actress Mischa Barton hit the road in some of the most incredible new and vintage cars out there!

Also special thanks to Automobile Driving Museum El Segundo, CA.!


LaMarr Woodley & James Torrez from the NFL Network “Tackle My Ride”

Web Video Vision Visits Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA. to produce yet another Talking About Cars Episode with Host, Randy Kerdoon.


On this episode we have Former NFL Pro Bowler LaMarr Woodley & car customizer James Torrez (Demented Customz) who co-host “Tackle My Ride” . We pulled out all of our weapons as we attached 3 GoPros to the interior of this beautiful Lincoln Premiere with a slider camera and  DJI Ronin camera floating around the car.

Watch our Behind the scenes video

Here’s the final video we produced and edited of Talking About Cars Episode 80. Watch as LaMarr Woodley & James Torrez talk about their show that airs Tuesday nights on the NFL Network at 8pm EST called #TackleMyRide. They also chat about their own personal car stories from inside a 1957 Lincoln Premiere at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA.!

Rowland Unified School District “Connections to the Future”

Rowland USD_Logo-1AWeb Video Vision took part in filming Rowland Unified School District Annual “Connections to the Future” Senior Seminar.

At this event, the Seniors at RUSD who are preparing to enter college and the workforce are given the opportunity to network with Industry leaders.

“Connections to the Future” program prepares students with real world experience in 6 different industry pathways. Students complete courses throughout their 4 years and an internship in their field of interest.

The event was a success and it was great to see the effort RUSD has put into helping our young bright students develop skills that will prepare them for whichever Career they choose.

The Rarest Pontiac Trans Am in America!

Scott Bullock, a Car Collector and one of our clients has many generations of Autos that you might appreciate…

img_5314Scott Bullock collection of cars dates back to the 1920’s to current models. Not only does Scott have a passion for cars, he has 1 of the Rarest Trans Ams today. A 1972 Trans Am Prototype, which automobile Designer Bill Mitchell created.

We hit the roads of Southern California early morning to film this great looking Trans Am. Not only does it look good, it sounds good. Our video shoot consisted of attaching GoPro cameras to the car to get as close to the action as possible. Once all the GoPro’s were securely strapped in, we left it up to Car Owner, Scott to deliver us some great shots as he races through the road.

After getting all our GoPro footage, we hopped in our truck and had the Trans Ams drive behind us while we film from out the back using our Roland Stabilizer to get the smoothest shots. We also had another crew on the side of the road with a camera slider shooting shots of the car while they accelerate thru the curves.


One of the main reasons we chose this location was its curve roads and scenery. With the suns reflections, we were able to film beautiful shots of the Trans Am rich white pearl paint and the front of the hood Firebird.

This was an fun project and we thank Scott Bullock for letting us film this historic Trans Am. Make sure you check out our VIDEO of this Trans Am Prototype below.


Vote No on Prop A – Flashback Campaign Commercial

vote_no_round_sticker-r2501f60d21ad43929c1844eec6a32773_v9wth_8byvr_512The County of San Bernardino needed a commercial to help inform voters about a ballot measure that would have eliminated or reduced city services like fire, police, trash and other important needs.

Web Video Vision wrote the Campaign dialogue that was used in the commercial. We also casted the people that were in the video, who were actual voters or residents of the County. The ballot measure ended up passing by an overwhelming majority due to this video commercial.

We are proud to help the political process regardless of party affiliation though our knowledge and skill of producing video that connect and produce results.


Email: info@WebVideoVision
Phone: 714.335.5004


Norma Torres – Member of the United States Congress Flashback Video

norma_torres_official_portraitHaving climbed up the ranks from being a City Council member to now a United States Congresswoman, see how we helped Norma Torres win her 1st Campaign for City Council of Pomona in 2001.

Web Video Vision helped produce this video campaign along with Norma. Creating a 30 second commercial for her that ran on Television in her District. We chose the locations that would be used as backdrops for her message. For example, one of her campaign issues was to bring Business back to her District. So we filmed abandoned buildings as backdrops to highlight her message. Everything was shot in 1 day and editing completed within a week allowing her to immediately hit the campaign trail with TV exposure.

The campaign was not a walk in a park as she won by just a narrow margin. She was able to beat the incumbent of 20 years! Norma attributes much of her win to this video commercial because it gave her exposure to the voters in her district that had never known or met her before. She won this campaign to become City Council member of Pomona in 2001-2006. and currently is a member of the United States Congress.

We are proud to help the political process regardless of party affiliation through our knowledge and skill of producing videos that connect and produce results.

See Norma’s Website for the latest news and Follow her on Twitter

On Set with Darrell “The Gambler” from the TV Storage Wars!

darrell-sheetsCheck us out! We were on set shooting Behind the Scenes with our long time Client, Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets from the A&E Television Hit Show, Storage Wars!

Darrell wanted to be able to speak directly to his fans, so we brought him to our Green Screen Studio and sat him in front of our teleprompter to record exclusive videos of his store and of all the valuable items he’s won at storage auctions. We also filmed some behind the scenes as Darrell looks through the Storage Units trying to find that “WOW FACTOR”.


It’s official, their will be a Season 10 of Storage Wars and Darrell will be on the show. Make sure to tune in when the season premieres. Stay in the loop and follow Darrell on Facebook & Twitter